Best Crystals & Stones For Capricorn

Capricorn, the sign of the sea goat, runs from December 21st to January 20th in the tropical zodiac, and January 20th to February 13th in sidereal astrology.

Despite the fanciful image of a half-goat, half-fish, this Saturn-ruled sign is known for their “no frills” attitude. At their best, they’re hardworking, responsible, and realistic. This can sometimes make them seem seem too serious or reserved.

They can also incline toward pessimism, and joint paint and stress-related skin problems are common. Crystal energy can help this cardinal Earth sign shine.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Capricorn zodiac:

1. Black tourmaline

Pretty much every sign can benefit from working with black tourmaline, but Capricorn benefits more than most. This dark crystal is used for grounding, but also has a well-deserved reputation as an energy filter and destroyer of negativity.

For a stability-loving sign who sometimes suffers from pessimism, black tourmaline can be a fantastic ally. It gives Capricorn the grounding energy they take comfort in, while also removing the negativity that can sour their outlook on life.

Wear black tourmaline jewelry, keep it in a pocket as a touchstone, or place large specimens around the home.

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2. Fluorite

Fluorite has been dubbed the world’s most colorful crystal, but it’s also unmatched as a stone for mental focus. Its calming, focusing, mind-clearing energy aligns beautifully with Capricorn’s mindset.

This isn’t a sign that enjoys chaos and upheaval, so fluorite’s ability to eliminate distractions comes in very handy. Keep fluorite spheres, towers, or generators near workspaces, or use it as a meditation tool.

This crystal can sometimes be found in jewelry, but it’s very soft and prone to damage. For daily use, it’s better to keep a tumbled specimen in a pocket or crystal pouch instead.

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3. Garnet

Garnet is one of January’s birthstones, and it resonates beautifully with Capricorn energy. These wine-red crystals are used to boost vitality, passion, and even libido.

They can help hardworking Capricorn maintain their energy and love for their work, giving them what they need to push through their self-imposed limitations.

Wear gem-quality garnets in jewelry, or carry larger rough or tumbled stones in a pouch or pocket.

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4. Howlite

Howlite is a white stone with black veins, often dyed blue to resemble turquoise. It has a very cleansing, calming energy, and is said to literally “pull out” negative feelings from the user.

It can help Capricorns overcome feelings of sadness or pessimism, and promote emotional stability.

Because its ability to work on negative emotions is so powerful, it may be best to keep this stone in a pouch or pocket for the times when it’s really needed.

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5. Jet

These black stones aren’t really crystals, but they’re categorized with them anyway. They’re actually a type of fossilized plant matter, which gives them a very unique connection to the cycle of Earth energy.

Like black tourmaline, they’re used to ground and remove negativity. They promote stability, which Capricorns enjoy. Jet also used to be a common material for mourning jewelry, so it has connections to the healing of grief.

Wear or carry it to benefit from its stabilizing influence.

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6. Lead

As a Saturn-ruled sign, Capricorn’s birth metal is lead. This metal is tied to breaking bad habits, overcoming addictions, banishing negativity, protection, and work with the underworld.

While elemental lead is safe for adults to handle, the dust, fumes, and other debris can make their way into the body and cause chronic poisoning. For this reason, it’s better to work with pewter, a safer Saturn-ruled metal. Use pewter for charms or jewelry.

7. Malachite

Malachite is a copper-bearing stone with a unique swirled, striped green color. Its considered a stone of transformation, which can help notoriously stubborn, resistant Capricorn accept change.

As a green stone, it’s also tied to growth and prosperity, which aligns with this sign’s hardworking nature and desire for success. Polished pieces make beautiful jewelry, ideal for wearing during difficult transitions.

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8. Peridot

Peridot is a yellow-green crystal that’s often used to enhance studying and focus. It’s also said to help guide the user through transitions, helping them to view changes as exciting instead of intimidating.

In a similar vein, it’s a useful tool for cutting through limiting beliefs and maladaptive behavioral patterns. Wearing or working with peridot can help Capricorn overcome some of their restrictive tendencies and resistance to change.

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9. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a special variety of clear quartz that’s been subjected to natural radiation during its formation. This turns it varying shades of gray, brown, or even black.

Like black tourmaline and jet, it’s used as a grounding stone, helping the user to realign their energies to their natural state.

Also like black tourmaline, smoky quartz is a powerful guard against negativity. It’s said to take negative energy, and transmute it to positive. This can help Capricorns who always see their glass as half empty. Polished or faceted smoky quartz makes beautiful jewelry.

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10. Tiger’s eye

These red or golden stones are associated with manifestation. The yellow-gold ones, in particular, are tied to the solar plexus chakra, confidence, and personal power.

This means that this is a wonderful crystal for the Capricorn who wants to make their ideal life a reality. This stone is also said to help the user accept change, which is something this sign can sometimes struggle with.

Wear or carry tiger’s eye near the upper abdominal (solar plexus) area. Brooches, neck pouches, or long pendants are perfect for this.

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11. Turquoise

Turquoise is a birthstone for December. It’s said to be helpful for the spirit and physical body, connecting the two to enhance the user’s ability to tap into their intuition and make sound decisions.

According to folklore, it also protects against evil forces, and warns the user of impending ill health by changing colors. It can help Capricorn by removing negative energy, and serving as a reminder to perform regular self-care.

For best results, use genuine turquoise — many specimens on the market are actually dyed howlite.

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Capricorn is the most serious, stable sign of the zodiac. They represent many of Saturn’s strengths, including restriction, willpower, and a realistic attitude toward life.

Never ones to wear rose-colored glasses, people born under this sign can benefit greatly from the stability-promoting, transition-easing, negativity-erasing energies of these crystals and stones.

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