Best Crystals & Stones For Cancer Zodiac

The sign of Cancer covers June 22 and July 22 in the tropical zodiac, and July 21 and August 9 following the sidereal zodiac. People born under the sign of the crab are most known for being caring and protective, but they can also have their moody moments.

In addition to their emotional sensitivity, this sign can also be prone to ailments that impact the chest and stomach area — the two areas most often affected by strong emotions. This cardinal Water sign can benefit from wearing or carrying specific crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Cancer zodiac:

1. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is an apple-green stone that resonates with the heart and solar plexus chakras. This means that it’s pretty much perfect for Cancers who’ve suffered blows to their self-esteem.

This sign can withdraw when they’ve been emotionally wounded, which can ruin their impetus to achieve the things they desire.

Since chrysoprase helps open the solar plexus chakra, the seat of will and personal power, it can help them get their groove back. For best results, wear this stone near the heart or upper abdominal area.

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2. Citrine

This yellow quartz is often used for prosperity and optimism. It’s also a pretty powerful energy cleanser, and its association with the solar plexus chakra make it a potent charm for improving self-esteem.

While it doesn’t have very Watery energy, it’s a good remedy for Cancerians experiencing low feelings of self-worth or a lack of motivation.

Wearing or meditating with citrine can help restore their optimistic outlook. Since it’s tied to the solar plexus chakra, it’s also regarded as a helpful remedy for energy-related stomach issues.

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3. Emerald

As a lush green stone, emerald is strongly associated with the heart energy center. It’s said to help Cancerians be more optimistic, bringing hope in difficult situations.

As a heart stone, it can help those born under this sign to tap into their reserves of love, loyalty, and compassion. This is also considered a generally lucky crystal.

Wear emeralds in jewelry, or carry tumbled ones in a pouch or pocket. For best results, keep them near the heart area.

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4. Moonstone

This shimmery feldspar is associated with the moon, and therefore the tides. It can help moody Cancerians understand the cycle of their emotions, and achieve greater stability.

This stone is also associated with intuition, which is one of this sign’s strengths. Wear moonstone jewelry, carry tumbled stones in a pouch or pocket, or keep specimens near the bed to benefit from their calming energy.

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5. Obsidian

Cancerians can be very loyal, but they may also suffer from long-held resentment and grudges. Obsidian, a type of black volcanic glass, can help. It’s a great stone for removing negative, toxic attachments, even if the user still feels misguided loyalty to them.

It’s also helpful for releasing grudges and moving on. Obsidian can help those born under Cancer to ground their energy, stabilize their emotions, and focus on what’s most important to them.

This crystal is also said to help with stomach pain, and make it easier for this sign to stick to healthy eating habits. Wear obsidian jewelry for a gentle grounding presence, or work with obsidian blades in cord-cutting ceremonies.

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6. Rhodonite

This pink and black stone is a very powerful emotional healer. It’s good for those who have experienced childhood trauma, or any level of heartbreak.

Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and can experience long-term effects from emotional abuse. Rhodonite can help the process of self-healing. This kind of work can be very involved and messy, so it may be best to use this stone during meditation or therapy.

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7. Rose quartz

As the stone of love, this pink quartz plays to Cancer’s strengths. Being so caring and loyal, Cancerians can sometimes forget to show compassion for themselves — which might lead to resentment in their relationships.

This stone can help open the heart of a wounded Cancerian who’s retreated into their shell, bringing them back to their old selves again.

This stone also resonates with the heart chakra, so it may help alleviate some of the physical symptoms this sign can experience. Wear rose quartz near the heart area, carry it in a pocket, or hold it during meditation.

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8. Ruby

These bright red crystals are also stones of love and the heart, though their color makes them slant more toward passion than compassion. It’s a very energizing stone for this sign, and can fill them with motivation and vitality.

As one of the traditional birthstones for this sign, it’s a perfect tool for Cancers who feel understimulated. Wear ruby in jewelry, or carry rough or tumbled stones in a pouch.

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9. Selenite

When Cancerians get moody, it can be hard for them to shift the negative energies affecting their emotions. That’s where selenite comes in.

Like moonstone, it’s associated with the moon and tides, and so aligns with Cancer’s strong intuitive abilities and emotional intelligence.

Unlike moonstone, selenite is known as a powerful tool for cleansing. Using a selenite wand can help Cancerians remove negative energy, ensuring calmer moods and more restful sleep. To do this, hold a selenite wand a few inches above the skin and sweep it over the body.

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10. Silver

Silver is Cancer’s birth metal. Like some of the stones above, it’s also associated with the moon.

Some say that it doesn’t hold onto negative energy, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed the way many crystals do. (That makes it a perfect match for Cancer, who doesn’t really need any help when it comes to holding on to things!)

For best results, wear silver jewelry set with Cancer-aligned crystals.

People born under the sign of the crab have a reputation for “crabbiness,” but that’s only because they’re typically loving, nurturing, and emotionally sensitive.

When they’re hurt, Cancerians can grab onto anger and resentment and refuse to let go. Their highly sensitive natures can also physically manifest as stress-related digestive troubles.

These crystals can help Cancerians stay emotionally stable, open, and relaxed, allowing them to let go of toxic relationships and grudges with ease.

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