Best Crystals & Stones For Aries

There’s a lot to love about Aries. Those born under the sign of the ram (March 21st to April 19th in the western zodiac, April 14th to May 14th in the sidereal system) are known to be endlessly optimistic, passionate, and energetic.

On the flip side, they can also be reckless and generally aren’t very good sports. Physically, they tend to enjoy very good health — when they experience illness, it’s often in the form of inflammatory conditions, skin problems, and allergies.

For those looking to balance or enhance their Aries energy (or even just combat a little of that competitiveness), there are lots of crystals whose energy is very complementary to this Fire sign.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for the Aries zodiac:

1. Amethyst

Aries is very much about the here and now. That isn’t to say that they’re not spiritual, but they see the battles they need to win and the things they want to go after first.

Amethyst is a stone for encouraging introspection, calming stress, and enhancing spirituality. It’s a good companion for helping the Aries who has gotten too wrapped up in their goals.

When placed or used as a massage stone on an affected area, amethyst is said to help calm skin conditions. Meditate with this stone to destress and deepen meditative states.

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2. Aquamarine

This Watery stone might seem like an odd choice for a Fire sign, but that’s a big part of why it works. Aquamarine is one of Aries’ birthstones, and its calming, cooling energy can help tame some of this sign’s reckless nature.

As a blue stone, it’s also tied to the throat chakra. This energy center governs communication, which can greatly aid Aries people in leadership positions.

Wear it in jewelry, especially pendants. Keeping it near the throat allows it work directly on the throat chakra.

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3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone (also known as heliotrope) is associated with Mars, Aries’ ruling planet. This is a stone of courage in battle, and this sign is known for charging in to their share of conflicts.

As a green stone, it’s also tied to the heart chakra. This can help Aries experience compassion for the self and others when they experience low self-esteem or feelings of resentment.

It’s a perfect talisman for a sign that enjoys conflict, and hates losing. Physically, it’s said to help calm the inflammation that Aries is prone to. Wear it in jewelry, or carry it in a pocket or pouch near the heart.

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4. Carnelian

These reddish-orange crystals are often used for vitality and motivation. They can help when an Aries experiences occasional bouts of low self-esteem, too.

As a stone for the sacral chakra, carnelian can help Aries develop their creativity and enjoy life’s pleasures more. Wear or carry it near this energy center to keep it open and the life force energy flowing.

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5. Diamond

Diamond is one of Aries’ birthstones. This is considered a crystal with an extremely high vibration — some traditional sources say that a diamond’s energy can even be somewhat irritating to the energy body, in the way that bright light irritates the eyes.

It’s said to help people born under the sign of the ram develop their innate spiritual gifts, as well as deepen their feelings of compassion and kindness when they get a little too reckless.

Diamonds tend to be small, even rough ones, so they’re best worn in jewelry. Many diamonds on the market aren’t ethically sourced, but lab-created or conflict-free diamonds are available with a little searching.

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6. Fire agate

What better stone is there for a Fire sign? Fire agates are types of agates that exhibit a flash of colors, similar to opal or the schiller of labradorite.

This stone aligns perfectly with Aries bravery and passion, while also calming this sign’s tendency to plunge headlong into conflict.

It’s also a wonderful stone for creativity and self-expression. Wear fire agate jewelry, keep a large specimen (especially a polished flame) in your workspace, or carry it as a pocket stone.

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7. Hematite

Hematite is considered a very grounding stone, but it has a lot of associations that make it ideally suited to Aries energy. The name “hematite” translates to “blood stone,” and it’s believed to be the stone that many old magical texts refer to when they say “bloodstone.”

In the past, it was used to impart courage to soldiers and calm bleeding wounds. It’s also an ore of iron, which is Aries’ birth metal.

It can help support this sign’s courageous nature, provide protection, and offer an easy way to ground energy. Wear hematite in jewelry, or carry a tumbled specimen in a pocket.

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8. Iron

While not a crystal, iron is this sign’s birth metal. Iron is a fitting stone for a warrior like Aries, as well as a potent magical protector. Keeping iron objects around the home is said to help protect against those who would try to cause harm.

It’s a metal of courage and martial prowess. Wear iron-based jewelry, or keep a piece of this metal in a pocket. For best results, wear iron set with another Aries stone.

9. Red jasper

Red jasper is ruled by the planet Mars, which also rules Aries. As a red stone, it’s also tied to vitality, passion, and other traits of the ram.

Fortunately, jasper is a very grounding stone, so it can help temper some of that fiery energy. It’s a good crystal to wear in jewelry or carry as a pocket stone, particularly for those who have some trouble controlling their temper and competitiveness.

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10. Ruby

Ruby is a crystal with a lot of passionate, fiery Mars energy, which happens to be Aries’ ruling planet. Rubies are considered stones of nobility, and they’re wonderful for supporting Aries’ leadership qualities and high level of ambition.

These stones are also associated with passionate love. Wear rubies in jewelry to constantly benefit from their ability to boost courage.

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Aries is a cardinal Fire sign, which points to Aries’ people’s tendency to leap ambitiously into whatever supports their goals. Those born under this sign are brave and optimistic, confident that their endeavors will turn out well — and they’re usually right.

These crystals are able to support Aries’ positive qualities, while helping them relax and rein in a bit of their competitive nature and difficulty accepting defeat.

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