Best Crystals & Stones For Trust Issues

Trust issues are a defense mechanism. When we’ve been hurt, it becomes difficult to put ourselves in a position that might allow that to happen again. As a result, we close ourselves off from a lot of the love and joy the world has to offer.

It isn’t easy to overcome trust issues. It involves digging into the trauma that underlies them, and being brave enough to put our hearts at risk again. Some crystals are particularly helpful at assisting with the process of emotional healing, and can help you overcome some of the pain that makes it hard to trust others.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for trust issues:

1. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline generally isn’t the first stone people think of when they’re looking for an emotional healer, but it has an important role to play here. It’s a powerful energy filter that can protect against negativity and shield you from other people’s energy.

Often times, people with trust issues are very sensitive — they wouldn’t have evolved that defense mechanism if they weren’t! Black tourmaline can help you feel safe, secure, and protected from external negativity.

If you’re feeling a bit raw during the healing process, hold a piece of raw or tumbled black tourmaline during a grounding and shielding meditation. Just remember to cleanse it often, since this stone is a very efficient trap for negative energy.

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2. Carnelian

This translucent red-orange stone is absolutely brilliant for energy, joy, and courage. While it isn’t really suited toward healing emotional wounds, it’s excellent for instilling bravery and confidence in oneself.

Even if you’re still working on the underlying trauma that gave rise to your trust issues, wearing, carrying, or meditating with carnelian can help you feel brave again.

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3. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a translucent-to-opaque green stone. Its color ties it to the heart chakra, and its often used to heal and open this energy center. This stone is good for instilling feelings of harmony and emotional balance, and bringing comfort to the brokenhearted.

It can help trust issues by bringing subconscious emotional wounds to the surface, where they can be properly healed and released.

Wear or carry it near the heart area for best results, or place it there during meditation.

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4. Mangano calcite

Mangano calcite is a soft, creamy-pink type of calcite. This crystal is very good at promoting calmness, putting the heart at ease, and instilling feelings of optimism and hope.

If you tend to expect the worst of others, mangano calcite can help you overcome that tendency. It’s also good for healing childhood trauma. Place a piece of this stone over the heart area while meditating to absorb its loving energy.

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5. Moss agate

Moss agate is a type of agate with interesting mosslike inclusions inside. Its green color ties it to the heart chakra, Anahata, and the mossy appearance associates it with growth and abundance.

Like mangano calcite, it’s a good stone for helping you to see the beauty in everything around you. For people who may expect the worst of everyone in order to keep from getting hurt, moss agate can make it easier to look on the bright side and let go of this source of mistrust.

It’s also useful for increasing self-esteem, as well as grounding and calming the emotions.

Wear moss agate jewelry near the heart, keep it on you in a pocket or pouch, or place larger specimens around your living space.

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6. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a great stone for healing one’s inner child. If you’re still mentally feeling from pain caused when you were very young, it can help you reawaken the sense of love, joy, and optimism you may have lost.

It’s also useful for raising buried memories to the surface, where you can face them and let them go. This is sometimes a messy and difficult process, so you may want to hang on to this stone for when you’re in private — either during meditation, or even conventional therapy.

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7. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a wonderful stone for healing relationships. If you’re having trouble communicating and being honest with the other party, and helps you see things in a more optimistic light.

For people who tend to catastrophize as part of their trust issues, this can be a very helpful tool. It’s also good at stimulating feelings of compassion.

Wear it in jewelry near the heart area, or hold it during meditation.

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8. Rose quartz

Digging into old emotional trauma — especially trauma severe enough to cause long-lasting trust issues — is like lancing a boil. It can be difficult and painful, but it’s necessary.

Some crystals really help facilitate this process, but not in a way that’s necessarily gentle. That’s where rose quartz come in. The consummate emotional healer and stone of love, rose quartz is gentle and supportive.

It can help you address the issues you’re prepared to face, and offer some loving energy while you cope with the aftermath of healing the ones you aren’t.

Carry a rose quartz palm stone in your pocket, or wear a crystal pendant or brooch near your heart area.

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9. Sodalite

This blue and white spotted stone helps forge connections between the heart and mind. While it isn’t quite the emotional healing powerhouse that rhodochrosite or rose quartz are, it’s immensely helpful for helping you to see your emotional patterns in a more objective light.

Rather than letting your past trauma guide your actions, it can help you recognize when you may be reacting in a way that isn’t rational. That can keep your trust issues from negatively impacting your relationships while you work on healing their underlying causes.

Carry it on you, or wear it in jewelry near your head — like a hat pin or pair of earrings.

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10. Smithsonite

Smithsonite, particularly pink or green smithsonite, is an uncommon-yet-helpful crystal for trust issues. It’s useful for relieving stress and increasing self-esteem, as well as calming rough emotions and healing the inner child.

Pink smithsonite is especially useful for helping to restore the flow of love — allowing you to both give and receive love freely, unburdened by fear and doubt.

This is a fairly soft, brittle crystal, so you may wish to reserve it for meditation instead of carrying it with you on a daily basis.

Trust issues are what happens when a natural protective mechanism goes out of control. Rather than guarding us against people who intend to harm us, they end up pushing everyone away.

Wearing, working with, or meditating while using these crystals can help you heal the emotional wounds that make you keep others at a distance.

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