Crystals For Strength, Courage & Confidence

Courage and inner strength can feel like a mystery. Where do they come from? At beast, things like confidence may feel like a bit of a catch-22 — you need confidence to pursue your goals and get the things you want, but you need those things to feel confident.

If this describes your current position, take heart. There are some crystals and gemstones that you can use to help give you a little push in the right direction.

By wearing or carrying one of these, you can help yourself manifest strength, courage, and confidence when it matters most.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for strength, courage and confidence:

1. Bloodstone

A bloodstone gemstone isolated on a white background.

Bloodstone is an excellent stone for anyone who feels “beaten down.” People subjected to bullying or abuse can feel their confidence erode. This gem helps keep that from happening, and instill the user with inner strength.

Wear it as jewelry, keep it as a pocket stone, or, if the user is a child, sew it into the lining of their coat.

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2. Carnelian

A carnelian stone isolated on a white background.

Carnelian is strongly tied to physical strength and vitality, but that power extends to mental and emotional strength, too. It’s an energizing, uplifting stone, helping the user not only feel a burst of courage, but use that courage and confidence to drive their actions.

Wear it as a pendant, or keep it in a pocket near the area of the root chakra.

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3. Fire agate

A fire agate stone isolated on a white background.

Fire agate is the perfect stone for experiencing inspiration and a boost of confidence. It gives the user the courage to follow their spiritual path and pursue their best life.

It’s considered a useful stone for the chakras below the heart, which are tied to survival, bravery, and self-confidence. Wear or carry it around the waist area to benefit these energy centers the most.

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4. Garnet

A red garnet crystal on a white background.

Like carnelian, garnet is also strongly tied to physical strength and vitality. It also helps relieve the emotional stress that can leave people feeling dispirited and tapped out.

It can help the user refresh their spirit, and move forward with renewed strength and courage. Garnet is often used in jewelry. Tumbled specimens tend to be very small, so may not be suitable for pocket stones.

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5. Hematite

A polished hematite stone on a white background.

Hematite shares many of the same properties as bloodstone. This isn’t a coincidence — “hematite” translates to “blood stone,” many old references to bloodstone actually refer to hematite, and the red spots that give bloodstone its name are actually inclusions of iron oxides.

This stone offers physical and emotional strength, as well as shielding the user from negative energy. It makes a great pocket stone, since its heavy, cooling presence is hard to ignore.

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6. Jasper

A red jasper stone used for strength, courage and confidence.

Jasper, particularly red and leopardskin jaspers, are empowering stones. They serve as catalysts for personal development, and exert a calming effect on chaotic situations.

They help the user cultivate inner strength and confidence, and can help sustain people going through the arduous process of emotional healing. Carry it as a pocket stone, or wear it as jewelry.

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7. Petrified wood

A piece of petrified wood isolated on a white background.

Petrified wood is formed as mineral-rich waters infiltrate wood over many, many years. They leave their minerals behind, replacing the parts of the wood that decay over time.

The result is patterned just like the original wood, but stronger, harder, and often adorned with brilliant flashes of opalescence.

What better metaphor could there be for developing inner strength? It’s considered a useful stone for guiding people through transformations, providing the strength and perspective needed to emerge better than before.

Keep it as a pocket stone to be able to tap into this power whenever necessary.

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8. Pyrite

A silver pyrite stone isolated on white.

Pyrite is a solar stone that helps energize and strengthen the user’s will. It instills the user with strength, confidence, and the ability to pursue the things they want in life.

This stone tends to tarnish easily when exposed to moisture and skin oils, so it’s best used as a meditation tool rather than worn as jewelry.

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9. Sapphire

A yellow sapphire crystal isolated on white.

While most people are familiar with deep blue sapphires, this stone comes in a variety of colors. Yellow sapphires, in particular, are said to help strengthen willpower and ability to overcome fear.

While it’s typically a wealth and success stone, part of its effectiveness lies in its power to help the user keep going in the face of adversity. This crystal is frequently available as jewelry, wear it as a pendant, near the heart area.

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10. Sunstone

A sunstone stone isolated on a white background.

Sunstone is a stone of positivity, which can help the user maintain an optimistic attitude when things get tough. It’s tied to many solar magical and metaphysical properties, including confidence, creativity, and success.

When it comes to dispelling feelings of self-doubt, few stones help clear the clouds away as effectively as sunstone. Keep it as a pocket stone, or use it as an aid during meditation.

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11. Tiger’s eye

A tiger's eye stone on a white background.

Tiger’s eye is a helpful protective stone, but it also counts vitality, strength, and personal power among its virtues.

Red tiger’s eyes, in particular, are associated with the energy of survival, rooting the user in their physical body and helping them to stay in the moment during anxiety-provoking situations. It calms stress and enhances inner strength.

Keep a tumbled specimen in a pocket as a touchstone whenever you feel intimidated or afraid.

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12. Tiger iron

A piece of tiger iron.

Tiger iron is a combination of three different minerals: tiger’s eye, hematite, and red jasper, in a striking striped pattern.

If that makes it sound like the ultimate stone for strength and courage, you’re right — it combines the virtues of all three stones in one beautiful package. Use it the same way you would any one of them.

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Strength, courage, and confidence aren’t always innate. They’re things that we often need to work to cultivate, especially when life seems to be doing its best to wear us down and cause self-doubt.

These gemstones can act as powerful allies to help us work through these feelings and emerge stronger, braver, happier, and more confident than we were before.

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