Crystals For Spiritual Strength & Power

There are a lot of crystals that healers say can help your physical vitality, but what about your spiritual power?

Some crystals are known for their ability to amplify energy or enhance whatever spell, ritual, or working in which they’re used, and others can help establish a strong, healthy flow of life force energy to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit at the same time.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for spiritual strength and power:


This blue-green stone is said to help align and balance the the mind and the energy body. It brings all aspects of the user together, helping to unite the will and consciousness with the spirit and increase spiritual strength.

Wear amazonite jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone in order to feel its energy every day. You can also hold an amazonite palm stone during meditation or other spiritual work.

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This uncommon stone appears as blades of crystal with an interesting starburst appearance, and is used to enhance growth and power. It helps the user experience inner balance, channel higher intelligence, and progress on their spiritual journey.

This crystal is only found in a few places in the world, and is usually sold as raw specimens. Use it during meditation to really tap into its high-vibrating energy.

Clear quartz

When it comes to crystals for power, few beat clear quartz. There are two reasons for this — for one, it’s programmable, so you can send whatever intention you like into the stone.

Clear quartz also acts as an amplifier, which means that it can enhance the energy of whatever it’s paired with, including your own vibrations.

Use a clear quartz wand or point to direct your power. You can also meditate with a one held in each hand.

Hold a quartz point facing toward you with your non-dominant hand, and one facing away from you with your dominant hand. This creates a circuit that helps you take in and send out energy.

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This green crystal is used to remove blockages of all kinds, including spiritual ones. It also helps increase personal power. For best results, look for specimens of epidote in quartz — they combine the benefits of epidote with the amplifying abilities of clear quartz.

Since removing blockages can produce some strong emotions and even physical symptoms, it’s best to work with this stone during meditation.

Herkimer diamond

Though Herkimer diamonds are a variety of (usually clear) quartz, they deserve their own section. These stones are naturally double-terminated, and said to be even better than regular quartz at amplifying energies.

It clears all chakras, allowing life force energy to flow from the lower physical energy centers, to the higher spiritual ones. They’re also said to create a constant connection to the spiritual realm, and stimulating the development of latent psychic abilities.

It can help the user connect to higher wisdom and increase their spiritual strength and power. Since these stones are so potent, they work best during meditation, when you can really focus.


Kyanite has a reputation as a powerful cleansing crystal. According to some users, it’s strong enough that it can’t hold onto negativity.

For people who work with chakras, this stone can help stimulate the flow of life force energy through all of the chakras, from the physical lower chakras to the spiritual higher chakras.

When these energy centers are fully empowered and balanced, it’s easier to step into your power. Meditate with a specimen, or carry it with you in a pocket.

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This flashy member of the feldspar family is considered a fantastic crystal for magic. It’s said that labradorite can give a boost to any magical working, even by simply being on an altar.

Wear labradorite jewelry or carry it in a pocket to benefit from its ability to increase your feelings of power. You can also keep it near you when doing any kind of spiritual work to enhance your abilities.

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Moldavite is a bit of a mixed bag. While anyone who’s ever used it can agree that it’s a very powerful crystal, it sometimes brings more transformation to the user’s life than they can handle.

One thing’s for sure — it’s a powerful stone for spiritual awakening and connecting the spirit to the Divine or Universal Consciousness. It can help the user develop their spiritual power by awakening their latent potential.

Wear moldavite jewelry near the head, or work with it in meditation. Avoid wearing this stone every day, as it can leave you feeling slightly lightheaded or disconnected.

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Natrolite is a member of the zeolite group of minerals, and is typically either clear, or shades of yellowish gray. It’s purported to act as an aura cleanser, and help facilitate connections between the user and spiritual entities.

It also aids the user in understanding their spiritual path, which can go a long way toward developing strength and power.

Natrolite isn’t a very common stone in metaphysical shops. If you’re able to find a specimen, work with it in meditation to contact your spirit guides, learn about your true path, and find ways to increase your spiritual power.


This variety of volcanic glass can help with severing attachments that can drain your energy and power, leaving you tapped out. It’s extremely helpful for cord cutting ceremonies and general aura clearing, and allows the user to experience renewed spiritual power.

Snowflake obsidian is also said to realign the user’s thought patterns toward their highest good. Work with obsidian (especially blades) during rituals to remove unwanted entities and attachments.


This shimmery colorless or silvery white crystal is used as an energetic cleanser. Like obsidian, it can help maintain spiritual strength by removing unwanted energies. It’s also said to allow the user to connect to their higher self, increasing their personal power.

Use a selenite wand to clear the aura by sweeping it over the body, a few inches above the skin. You can also hold a selenite palm stone during meditation to connect to higher intelligence.

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Living in your power isn’t always easy. Even when you have spiritual strength, attachments to other people, negative energies, and malevolent entities can all try to suck your energy away and bring you down.

With these crystals, you can align your body and spirit, enhance your innate abilities, amplify your energy, and clear your auric field to allow you to experience your full power.

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