Crystals For Spiritual Growth & Awakening

Crystals represent the element of Earth. By default, most of them are very grounding — just touching one is a quick, easy way to be present in your physical body, rooted in the here and now.

There are some, however, whose energy is a little different. These crystals can actually aid spiritual growth and awakening — functions tied to the etheric body and spirit senses, entirely opposite from grounding.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for spiritual growth and awakening:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is considered an excellent crystal for all kinds of inner work. It helps develop the intuitive and psychic senses, but also hones the user’s inner vision.

It’s a very supportive helper for the deep introspection that occurs during spiritual growth, and is especially helpful for those who use divination to seek spiritual guidance. Use it as a meditation tool before divination, or wear it as ritual jewelry.

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2. Azurite

Azurite is a lovely blue mineral that’s said to operate similarly to amethyst. It’s useful for honing psychic senses, but also for developing the focus and discernment necessary for true spiritual growth.

When used as a meditation tool, it helps clear the chatter from the conscious mind and enhances visualization.

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3. Clear quartz

Regular clear quartz is an energetic amplifier. When used in conjunction with other crystals, it can help increase their power and make them work more effectively.

It’s also frequently used to cleanse people, spaces, and other stones, keeping their energy clear. Use it with other stones during meditation, or place it in a pouch with them. For best results, program your quartz with your intention first.

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4. Herkimer diamond

Despite the name, these crystals aren’t diamonds at all — they’re a special kind of clear quartz found in Herkimer county, New York. (Similar specimens also exist elsewhere in the world, but genuine Herkimers are from Herkimer county.)

These are especially high-energy quartz crystals, often extremely clear, double-terminated, and sometimes with inclusions of water or fossilized plant matter.

These are sometimes called “stones of transformation” and “ascension stones,” since they help the user increase the strength of their etheric and astral bodies while still remaining present in the physical world.

Wear these powerful stones as ritual jewelry, or use them as meditation tools. Like clear quartz, they also amplify the energies of other stones around them.

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5. Lapis lazuli

It’s impossible to truly grow when we deny basic truths about ourselves. This brilliant blue stone — often sparkling with pyrite inclusions — is considered a stone of truth.

It expands the user’s focus and awareness in a general sense, but is especially good at uncovering hidden truths.

Wear lapis lazuli as jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone to enhance awareness and intellect, but use it as a meditation tool for working on hidden aspects of the self.

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6. Lodolite

Lodolite is also known as “garden quartz” or “shaman’s quartz.” The word “lodolite” isn’t really a technical name — it just means “mud stone,” and serves as a kind of shorthand for clear quartz with inclusions of other minerals.

These can include hematite, pyrite, chlorite, dolomite, and many others.

The inclusions end up caught in the quartz when it’s still liquid silica, so they form fascinating shapes like miniature gardens. These crystals are frequently used to aid shamanic journeys and astral travel, and can be a huge help in spiritual work in general.

It allows the user to enter a very deep meditative state, where they can communicate with ancestors, spirit guides, and other helpers on the path to spiritual growth.

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7. Moldavite

Moldavite was formed when a meteorite struck the Earth. The force and heat melted the silica in the ground and sent it splashing upward, where it began to cool into green droplets marked with unique wavy or fernlike patterns.

These crystals have similar physical properties to glass, but an intensely high vibration. They’re considered excellent for triggering a spiritual awakening.

Because of their high energy, it’s not recommended to wear moldavite for long periods of time — you can wear it as jewelry now and then, but it may serve best as a meditation aid.

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8. Unakite

Unakite is an intriguing pink and green stone. It’s strongly tied to Anahata, the heart chakra, which is the chakra in between those that govern the physical body, and those that govern the spirit.

It can help the user identify and resolve subconscious blocks and facilitates “rebirthing,” gently removing the problems that prevent spiritual growth. Wear this stone as jewelry, or carry it in a pocket. It also makes a wonderful meditation aid.

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9. Rhodonite

This pink stone helps remove emotional blocks that can stand in the way of spiritual growth. It aids the user in resolving childhood trauma, as well as enhancing all forms of dream work and meditation.

This allows the user to better assimilate the lessons and messages they carry. Use rhodonite as a meditation tool, or keep it under a pillow or on a nightstand to aid with dream work.

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10. Selenite

This silvery, shimmery stone — named for the Greek Goddess of the Moon — is one of the best energy cleansers there is.

Many people use thin wands of selenite as a kind of etheric lint roller, passing them over their bodies to remove any stray energies they’ve accumulated throughout the day.

Selenite helps with spiritual growth and awakening first by ensuring that the aura and energy centers are clear. It also allows the user to connect to their higher self. This stone is delicate, so it’s best used as a meditation or cleansing tool.

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11. Smoky quartz

While this stone is best known for its relaxing, grounding energy, smoky quartz has a place in spiritual growth, too. It’s excellent at removing negative energy and emotional blocks.

In this way, it’s less able to speed spiritual growth or trigger an awakening, but helps the entire process by removing some of the things that stand in the way. Dealing with emotional blocks can be a messy process, so it may be best to use it during meditation.

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12. Sunstone

This glittering orange stone is perfect for those who need an optimistic, positive “ray of sunshine.”

It also helps with spiritual growth by shining a metaphorical light on the shadow self — the collection of thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that everyone tries to ignore within themselves.

Like lapis lazuli, sunstone can help uncover buried truths. It’s also a helpful spiritual cleanser. Wear it as jewelry, or use larger specimens as meditation tools.

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Spiritual growth and awakening don’t just happen like a bolt out of the blue. They’re a collection of multiple processes, and the culmination of a lot of effort.

They require shadow work, introspection, the resolution of past trauma and emotional blocks, and much more.

These crystals can help the user on their journey by lending their supportive energy, cleansing the energetic bodies, and gently bringing focus to problems that need attention.

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