Best Crystals & Stones For Overthinking

Mental chatter and excessive rumination can really derail your thoughts. Even though it seems like mulling something over could help you process it and find an answer, the opposite is often true.

Instead, overthinking sabotages your mind’s important rest periods. You might even experience insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, or other unwelcome symptoms. Fortunately, there are crystals that can help curb these obsessive thoughts, allowing you to move forward in a more relaxed, productive, helpful way.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for overthinking and obsessive thoughts:

1. Ametrine

An ametrine crystal.

Ametrine combines the strengths of amethyst and citrine in a single stone. That means that it holds amethyst’s calming, protecting, intuitive energies, and citrine’s optimistic, cleansing ones.

It’s great for reducing worry in an overtaxed mind, and instilling an optimistic attitude instead. When minor stresses blow up into major anxieties due to overthinking, meditate with ametrine to help shift the course of your thoughts to a more relaxed, positive direction.

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2. Celestite

A celestite crystal.

Celestite, or celestine, is a pretty blue-gray stone often found as clusters. Its soothing energy helps calm the mind and keep it from going in unproductive circles.

Celestite is a wonderful stone for those currently going through a chaotic period in life, by instilling harmony and balance in the user.

Carry or meditate with this stone to stop overthinking at its source.

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3. Chaorite

A chariote stone.

Charoite is a purple silicate mineral. Its color ties it to the crown chakra. When this energy center is blocked, it can lead to feelings of isolation that make the mind turn inward and overthink.

It’s also a stone of peace, tranquility, and protection, all things that might be useful to someone whose stress is causing them to obsess over minor things.

Meditate with charoite or wear it in jewelry near the head to benefit from its calming, peaceful, crown chakra-opening energy.

4. Fluorite

A flourite crystal.

Fluorite is a beautiful translucent stone that’s said to be the most colorful crystal in the world. Purple fluorite, in particular, is associated with intuition, meditation, and the mind.

In a more general sense, fluorite is a great stone for organization. Meditating with this stone can help you put your thoughts in order, keeping you from constantly ruminating over the same things.

For best results, place this stone near the head.

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5. Fuchsite

A fuchsite stone.

Fuchsite is a green type of mica. It’s an emotional healing stone, said to be helpful for taking some of the burden off of the user’s mind. It’s also a deeply relaxing stone, and especially useful for those whose overthinking and obsessions are rooted in health anxiety.

Since mica is soft, this stone doesn’t make very good jewelry — carry a piece in a pouch, or meditate with it instead.

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6. Howlite

Howlite is a white stone shot through with dark streaks. It’s often dyed blue and sold as imitation turquoise, but is a perfectly lovely stone in its natural state.

Howlite is said to be excellent for dulling negative emotions — some crystal healers describe the feeling as having stress and anxiety “pulled out” by the stone. This can be helpful during times of acute obsession.

When overthinking reaches a crisis point, quietly meditating while holding howlite can help calm the mind.

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7. Lapis lazuli

A lapis lazuli stone.

Lapis lazuli is a bright blue stone often flecked with gold. Termed the “stone of truth,” crystal healers and magic practitioners often turn to it for help with communication.

Lapis lazuli is also good for uncovering hidden truths, which can be very helpful for people who overthink.

Meditating with this stone may help the user discover the root cause of their obsession, allowing them to resolve it. Sleeping with a lapis tucked under a bed pillow may even help provide answers in dreams.

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8. Obsidian

An obsidian stone.

Obsidian is a type of volcanic glass. Cultures that lived near deposits of this stone often used it for weaponry and tools, since obsidian blades and chips can have extremely sharp edges.

Crystal healers and magic practitioners use obsidian as a grounding and protective stone, but its dark color also ties it to black color magic — including banishing.

Meditate with obsidian to metaphorically cut out the root of an obsession. Some healers also consider this stone a talisman of love and emotional depth, which can help those whose overthinking and obsession consists of negative self-talk.

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9. Petrified wood

Petrified wood.

Petrified wood is just what it sounds like — wood that has turned to stone over eons due to the infiltration of mineral-rich water.

It’s often used for grounding, as well as accepting transitions in life — two things that can be very helpful for people whose life shifts are causing them to overthink and obsess.

Carry a tumbled piece of petrified wood in a pocket or pouch, where it’s easy to reach during times of stress.

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10. Pyrite

A pyrite stone.

Pyrite doesn’t directly work to calm the mind and put a stop to overthinking, but it’s still helpful in this situation. This metallic mineral is associated with the will, including the willpower to make a move instead of dwelling on your options.

Pyrite also acts as an abundance-drawing stone, which can be good for those whose worries and obsessions are tied to money.

Wear or carry it near the solar plexus area.

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11. Rhodonite

A rhodonite crystal.

Rhodonite is a pink stone used for resolving emotional wounds, particularly those that trigger self-destructive behaviors. For those for whom overthinking has become maladaptive, working with rhodonite may help put a stop to their destructive mental chatter.

Working with emotional trauma is seldom neat or pleasant, so it may be best to use rhodonite during meditation, yoga, or another practice that gives the user the space to process difficult feelings.

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12. Smoky quartz

A smoky quartz crystal.

This dark brown to gray variety of quartz is used for protection and grounding. It’s also said to transmute negative energy to positive, and is often used for anxiety and stress. This can make it helpful when a troubled mind starts spiraling into obsessive overthinking.

Meditate with smoky quartz to remove negative energies that can contribute to stress, or carry it in a pouch or pocket for when you need some discreet support.

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Obsession and overthinking aren’t easy things to stop. In most cases, the behavior is habitual, and it can be very hard for someone to consciously stop a thing they didn’t consciously start to begin with.

For some people, they can be so deep-seated that they require a therapist’s help to resolve.

Crystals are a tool that can work alongside any type of meditation, therapy, medication, or lifestyle change, allowing the user to tap into their energies whenever they feel they need a little extra emotional support.

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