Best Crystals For Nightmares & Bad Dreams

Have you ever had a bad dream seemingly out of nowhere? Some nightmares are caused by stress, sleeping in a strange place, or even something as mundane as indigestion. Others seem to just happen. If you’ve been dealing with nightmares that you can’t seem to get a handle on, it might be a good idea to examine your bedroom’s energy.

In addition to things like limiting screen time before bed, using sleep supplements, or drinking warm milk, crystals can help to improve the energy of your sleeping space. Some are especially well-suited to preventing nightmares.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for nightmares and bad dreams:

1. Alunite

This stone isn’t commonly seen in metaphysical or crystal shops, but it should be. Alunite, a natural source of alum, is surprisingly effective at guarding against night terrors.

This stone is fairly soft and soluble in water, so it isn’t suitable for jewelry. Tuck it under a pillow or set it on a night stand instead.

2. Amethyst

The top crystal for all things related to the subconscious, including dreams and sleep, amethyst is often used for all types of dream work. Since it’s also a protective crystal, it’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking to guard their dreamspace.

Hold or place an amethyst against your forehead during a pre-bedtime meditation. You can also ask it specifically to help protect you from nightmares, and keep it on your night stand or under your pillow.

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3. Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline isn’t a sleep or dream stone itself, but its properties make it suitable for guarding against nightmares. This dark stone is both highly protective, and wonderful for getting rid of negative energies.

Placing a large specimen on a bedside table, or sneaking four smaller ones under each corner of a mattress, can help keep a bedroom’s energy clear and peaceful.

Since black tourmaline is such an effective negativity-removing stone, it needs to be cleansed often to keep it working well.

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4. Brazilianite

Brazilianite is a greenish-yellow phosphate mineral that’s said to promote creativity. When it comes to dreams, it’s helpful for nightmares — especially for children.

Place it under a bed pillow, inside a dream pillow, or on a night stand. The closer it is to the dreamer, the better.

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5. Chrysoprase

This blue green stone is sometimes used for physical detoxification, but it can detoxify the mind, too. Some crystal healers use it to gain clarity and end the ruminations that can lead to recurring nightmares.

Like alunite and brazilianite, chrysoprase is said to be especially helpful for children’s night terrors.

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6. Dalmatian jasper

Dalmatian jasper is a white stone with striking black spots. Despite the name, it isn’t actually jasper — it’s an igneous rock made up of a variety of minerals. It has a gentle, calm, playful energy that’s suitable for children who often have nightmares.

Some theorize that the black spots of this stone are black tourmaline, but this hasn’t been proven. Nonetheless, the combination of black and white tie it to cleansing, banishing, and protection in color magic.

Meditate with it before bed, and keep it on a bedside table or under a pillow while sleeping.

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7. Garnet

Usually a stone of vitality, passion, and manifestation, garnet is also a wonderful protective amulet. It can help the user have a restful night’s sleep, and guard against nightmares.

Meditate with this crystal before bed, or use four of them to create a grid around your sleeping space. You can also grid your bathtub, and take a nice, relaxing bath before bedtime to absorb the stone’s energies.

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8. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is rich in lithium, and often used as a stone for emotional balance and relief of anxiety. This makes it a good choice for getting a restful night’s sleep — it’s said to help the user sleep deeply and calmly, avoiding the tiny disruptions that can interrupt the dreaming phase.

It’s also helpful for promoting a generally restful atmosphere, and releasing the kind of fears that can spawn nightmares. Meditate with it before bed to unwind, and tuck it under a pillow afterward.

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9. Moonstone

These silvery feldspars are great stones for lunar energy and cycles of all kinds, including the user’s circadian rhythm. It can help re-establish healthy sleeping patterns, allowing the user to fall back to sleep easily after an unpleasant dream.

Moonstone also helps to overcome stress that disrupts sleep and causes nightmares. Place it under a bed pillow or in a dream pillow, or use it as a focus during a pre-bedtime meditation.

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10. Prehnite

This translucent yellow-green stone is said to be helpful for calming anxieties. More importantly, it helps the user understand their root causes, which can go a long way toward preventing them from turning into nightmares.

It’s also a generally protective stone, which means that it can make a wonderful companion for under a pillow or on a bedside table. Try meditating with one near the heart area before bed, then keep it near you as you sleep.

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11. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a lovely translucent brown to gray stone commonly used for grounding. It’s protective, and can help the user transmute negative energies into positive. This can be very helpful for those whose anxieties keep them up at night and turn their peaceful dreams into nightmares.

Keep a large specimen near your bed to keep negativity at bay and protect your dreams, just remember to cleanse it often — smoky quartz can tackle a lot of negativity, but its energetic baseline will be affected after awhile.

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Sleep should be a time when we’re able to feel perfectly safe. Unfortunately, for people who often have nightmares, it can be anything but. Getting to the root cause of bad dreams can be complicated, and there often isn’t a single causative factor.

These crystals can help keep nightmares at bay by ensuring that bedrooms have peaceful, relaxing energy, guarding the user during sleep, and establishing good sleep patterns.

Add them to a healthy night time routine, and let your bad dreams become a thing of the past.

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