Best Crystals & Stones For Intuition

Crystals have always held a place of importance in the divinatory arts. From the polished beryl spheres said to be used by the ancient Druids, to modern scrying balls and rune sets made of polished stones, people seeking to develop or enhance their psychic abilities have relied on crystals for ages.

You don’t have to be a diviner to tap into these energies, however. Plenty of the same gemstones can be used to enhance and develop your intuition.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for enhancing and developing your intuition:

1. Amethyst

A purple amethyst crystal isolated on white.

Amethyst pretty much always tops the list for anything related to the mental or psychic arts. Perhaps needless to say, that means that it’s also a fantastic stone for enhancing one’s intuition.

This stone helps you experience enhanced focus and insight, two key factors that sharpen your gut instinct. Wear it as jewelry (especially a pendant or earrings), or carry it as a pocket stone.

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2. Aquamarine

A beautiful blue aquamarine crystal.

Aquamarine is a blue variety of beryl. It’s said to soothe anxieties and increase one’s sensitivity, promoting the courage needed to follow one’s intuition. It’s also helpful for sharpening clairaudient skills.

Hold this stone in your non-dominant hand while you meditate on a question you need to be answered. The answer may come to you while you meditate, or you may observe signs of a response the day afterward.

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3. Azurite

A blue azurite stone on a white background.

This stone is said to enhance the user’s inner vision and understanding. It can be a tremendous help when it comes to picking up on subtle signals and connecting seemingly unrelated concepts, leading to stronger intuitive senses and a better decision-making ability.

Keep this stone around whenever you need its help, by either wearing it as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket.

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4. Blue calcite

Blue calcite crystals on a white background.

Blue calcite allows the user to release limiting beliefs and tap into their innermost creative energies. This allows the user to visualize all of the potential outcomes of their choices, and let go of the things that keep them from listening to their intuition.

This stone also enhances psychic abilities in a general sense. Use this crystal as a meditation tool.

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5. Celestite

A beautiful blue celestite crystal.

Its name implies a strong connection to the realm of the divine, so it’s probably unsurprising that celestite can also help you tap into your innate abilities.

It’s a very calming, relaxing stone, which can help reduce anxiety and the tendency to second guess. This can create the right mindset to allow the user to begin trusting their intuition. Keep celestite geodes in the areas you frequent most.

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6. Clear quartz

A clear quartz crystal on a white background.

Clear quartz is known as a “master crystal,” and for good reason. It can clear energetic blockages, allowing energy and information to flow freely. It’s also programmable, which means you can turn it into whatever tool you need.

Take your clear quartz in your dominant hand, and send your energy into it as you visualize the outcome you desire. Carry it with you so you can tap into its power whenever you need.

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7. Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds isolated on a white background.

While these stones are actually a variety of clear quartz, they have some special properties that go beyond regular quartz points or tumbled stones.

This crystal helps bridge the invisible and visible worlds, enhancing the user’s intuition by helping them uncover information they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It also boosts clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities.

Most Herkimers on the market are fairly small, so this stone is best worn as jewelry.

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8. Kyanite

A beautiful blue Kyanite crystal used for enhancing intuition.

Blue kyanite is said to enhance psychic senses, including clairvoyance. It also helps clear out the energetic blockages that can keep the user from fully accessing their innate abilities.

This stone is somewhat friable, so use it as a meditation tool. Take the kyanite in your non-dominant hand, and ask a question. Give yourself some time to experience a sign that points you toward an answer.

The more often you repeat this exercise, the stronger your intuitive senses will become.

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9. Labradorite

A labradorite stone on a white background.

Labradorite is a stone of magic, and part of its magic lies in the way it stimulates psychic senses — intuition included.

It can help subconscious information come to the conscious mind when its needed, providing a conduit between the logical mind and the intuitive one. To have access to its energy whenever you need it, wear labradorite jewelry or carry it in a purse or pocket.

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10. Lapis lazuli

A blue lapis lazuli stone.

This is a stone that helps uncover the truth. It can even help you experience revelations that you couldn’t find on your own. Lapis lazuli can open the doors to one’s subconscious, offering an opportunity to figure out how intuition and gut instincts really work.

This is an excellent stone for anyone who feels that their past experiences may be keeping them from fully trusting their own decision-making ability. Wear lapis jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone.

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11. Moonstone

A blue moonstone crystal.

Moonstone is a gemstone of mystery, lunar magic, and inner truths. It helps the user dive into their subconscious power, allowing them to tap into their innate wisdom.

Wear it as jewelry, carry it in a pocket or purse, or even use it as a dream stone. It can help uncover hidden knowledge through dream imagery.

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12. Selenite

A selenite crystal on a white background.

Selenite is probably best known as a crystal for removing negativity and energy blockages, but this is a key part of enhancing one’s intuition.

Many aspects of the modern world push the idea that we should ignore our intuitive senses, which can create limiting beliefs around our inner wisdom and ability to make the right decisions based on our feelings.

Selenite helps remove the energy around these mental blocks, freeing up our conscious and subconscious minds. This crystal is generally too easily damaged for jewelry, so use a selenite wand around your aura or body to help shift stubborn energy.

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13. Sodalite

A blue sodalite stone on a white background.

Sodalite is an excellent stone for those who aren’t really looking for intuition in a divinatory or psychic sense. It provides a pathway for secret information to make itself known on the physical plane, where the logical mind works.

Keep this stone around if you want to sharpen your perceptions in general.

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Your intuition is a combination of your instincts, experiences, and information you may not be able to consciously perceive.

Enhancing this ability means letting go of the fear of acting on your gut instincts, and opening yourself up to receive more knowledge from your subconscious mind and spirit guides.

While these crystals are only one tool of many, they can help you release limiting beliefs, link your logical and intuitive mind, and help you strengthen your natural intuitive abilities.

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