Best Crystals & Stones For Attracting Luck

Who couldn’t use some extra luck? Luck talismans are one of the most popular and well-known aspects of folk magic stretching back to antiquity, and for good reason.

Any endeavor a person undertakes can only be helped by having fate on their side. People have carried carved emblems, animal parts, flowers, and roots as lucky charms for ages, but crystals have always been one of the most highly-favored ways of attracting good fortune.

Here are some of the best luck-attracting crystals for you to consider working with:

1. Aventurine

A green aventurine stone isolated on a white background.

Aventurine’s name comes from “a ventura,” meaning “by chance.” These shimmering, glittering stones are names for a type of glass produced through a happy accident.

Green aventurine, in particular, is a favorite luck talisman for gamblers. Keep it in a left-side pocket while playing games of chance.

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2. Citrine

A beautiful yellow citrine crystal on a white background.

Citrine has always been considered a stone that’s lucky for merchants, creatives, and those looking to make money. It’s also used for optimism, general positivity, and solar magic.

Even if you aren’t looking for a financial windfall, citrine is known for being a generally lucky, positive, helpful crystal to wear, carry, or keep near where you work.

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3. Clear Quartz

A transparent clear quartz crystal on a white background.

Clear quartz is known to amplify energy. While not strictly a luck stone, you can program it with your intention to attract good fortune. It’s also great for combining with other lucky stones in order to increase their power.

Herkimer diamond, a particularly high-energy type of clear quartz found only in New York, is great for this.

Look for jewelry that combines clear quartz with citrine, moldavite, or other luck-drawing stones, or add a quartz point to a pouch of crystals.

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4. Garnet

A red garnet crystal on a white background.

Sometimes, success is less about what you know than who you know. If you need some extra luck making connections to further your career, garnet can help.

This stone specifically helps with luck in interpersonal and business relationships. Wear garnet jewelry or carry a rough garnet when you go meet people.

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5. Jade

A natural jade crystal isolated on a white background.

Jade is a popular crystal for health, wealth, and good luck, especially in Eastern cultures. Place jade carvings or large specimens in rooms, wear it as jewelry, or keep a small piece in your purse or wallet.

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6. Labradorite

A blue labradorite stone on a white background.

Labradorite is a stone of intuition, but intuition is often what you need in order to make choices that lead to fortunate outcomes. It also has powerful transformative powers.

Wear labradorite jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone if you want help making fortuitous decisions.

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7. Malachite

A green malachite stone on a white background.

Sometimes, good luck means avoiding bad luck. Malachite helps protect you from misfortune, and is often used for business success.

Use it alongside citrine and clear quartz.

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8. Moldavite

A green moldavite specimen on a white background commonly used for attracting good luck.

Moldavite is a glassy mineral formed by the impact of a meteor. It’s rare and very valuable — many of the specimens on the market are actually imitations made of green glass.

Genuine moldavite is a talisman for good luck and prosperity. If you’re fortunate enough to find it in jewelry, wear it whenever you need fortune on your side. It’s often combined with Herkimer diamond to boost its energy further.

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9. Pyrite

A pyrite stone isolated on a white background.

Pyrite is commonly called “fool’s gold,” but there’s nothing fake about its energy. This stone is often used in spells for wealth, abundance, and good fortune.

It’s generally best used for display or during meditation, since skin oils can react with the minerals in pyrite and dull its metallic sheen.

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10. Rose Quartz

A pink rose quartz crystal isolated on white.

When people think of “good luck,” their minds often go directly to gambling and money. That isn’t the only kind of luck there is, however. Rose quartz is worn and carried for luck in romance.

Wear rose quartz jewelry, or place it in a pink pouch with love-drawing herbs and keep it on you.

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11. Ruby

A bright red ruby crystal on a white background.

Ruby is another great crystal for luck in love. It’s also used to attract power and prosperity, so some gamblers wear ruby rings as luck charms. If fine ruby jewelry is out of your price range, carry rough rubies.

These are often small, so you may want to place them in a pouch with luck- and money-drawing herbs.

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12. Sunstone

An orange and white sunstone on a white background.

Sunstone is similar to aventurine — it, too, exhibits a lovely shimmering, glittery quality. It’s also like citrine, in that it’s regarded as a generally positive, solar stone.

Wear or carry it for financial luck. It’s also good for attracting small, happy accidents that can help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

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13. Tourmalinated Quartz

A white and black tourmalinated quartz crystal on a white background.

This stone is a combination of tourmaline and quartz. It typically looks like clear or milky quartz streaked with thin needles of tourmaline.

It mixes the benefits of each crystal — transmuting negative energy through tourmaline, and amplifying positive energy through quartz. Wear or carry with other lucky stones to boost their effects.

Crystals are a fantastic way to carry a secret good luck charm with you wherever you go. What looks like a worry stone or piece of jewelry to the uninitiated can actually serve you as a powerful luck attractor, helping you get the upper hand in any situation.

Keep your lucky crystals cleansed and charged, take care of them, and their powers will only grow.

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