Best Crystals & Stones For Fertility

Fertility means something a bit different in magical and metaphysical circles. While it can certainly refer to the act of reproduction, it also has meanings that aren’t tied to sex, babies, or children at all.

Fertility, in this case, is entirely about the act of creation — whether that’s the creation of art, music, children, fruit, flowers, or anything else you can name.

It differs a bit from creativity in that creativity describes the flow of ideas. Fertility is the capacity to create. While the two are related, they aren’t synonymous.

For ages, humanity has used crystals to aid in fertility of all kinds. Medical fertility issues should always be examined by a doctor, but crystals can offer an approach that complements conventional medicine.

No matter what sort of fertility you’re after, there are crystals that can help.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for fertility:

1. Aquamarine

A blue aquamarine crystal used to help with fertility.

Aquamarine is a healing stone of the sea. It’s said to protect travelers, especially those going by water, and, by extension, is believed to help protect mothers and fetuses from harm.

It’s also a very calming stone, which may help soothe stress and anxiety that can make conception difficult. Specimens of this stone are generally fairly small, so it’s best worn as jewelry.

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2. Aventurine

A green aventurine gemstone.

Green aventurine is a generally lucky stone. Its green hue also ties it to green color magic, where it’s associated with growth and fertility.

It’s said to be a common alternative remedy for issues with the reproductive organs, and encourages growth of all kinds — in the garden, and in the womb. Wear or carry it as a pocket stone near the reproductive organs.

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3. Carnelian

An orange carnelian stone on a white background.

Carnelian is a stone of health, strength, vitality, and creativity — all things that aid fertility of all kinds. It’s also purported to boost the odds of conception across the sexes.

Its red-orange color ties it to creativity in color magic, and demonstrates its tie to the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana. This stone is best worn near the reproductive organs.

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4. Emerald

An emerald crystal on a white background.

Emerald is possibly the most potent stone for all forms of green color magic. It’s also said to be an excellent emotional healer for stress and anxiety, both of which can impair conception.

Physically, it’s believed in increase hormone production. Wear or carry it as a pocket stone near the reproductive system.

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5. Fluorite

A blue fluorite crystal.

According to crystal healers, this stone increases libido and removes negative energy. It’s said to be used by women with menstrual irregularity, to help smooth out hormonal ups and downs and make conception more likely.

Green fluorite, in particular, is associated with growth and fertility in color magic. This stone is fairly soft and delicate, so it may be best used as a meditation tool.

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6. Garnet

A red garnet crystal used to help with fertility.

Garnet has a lot of warlike connotations, but that’s part of the reason why it’s an excellent fertility stone. It promotes courage, as well as physical strength and fortitude. It’s also said to increase libido.

Wear it as jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone near the reproductive organs.

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7. Jade

A green jade crystal isolated on white.

Green jade is another powerful tool for color magic. Its color evokes the lushness of a garden, it’s a luck talisman, and it’s said to have a fertility-boosting effect across sexes.

It’s also believed to ease childbirth and help balance hormone levels. Wear or carry it near the pelvic region.

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8. Lepidolite

A pink and purple lepidolite gemstone.

Lepidolite is known among crystal healers as a stone for transitions and balance. It helps even out strong emotions and relieve stress, which can hamper fertility.

It’s an excellent aid for anyone with fears surrounding any part of the act of creation, and serves as a guide through that transitional phase. It can be a bit delicate, so it may be best used as a meditation tool.

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9. Moonstone

A blue moonstone crystal.

Moonstone is strongly associated with the moon and, by extension, cycles. This includes the hormonal cycles of the body and the circadian rhythm.

Many people turn to this stone to help with menstrual symptoms, and as a gentle, supportive aid to fertility. For best results, wear or meditate with it near the reproductive organs. You can also sleep with one under your pillow for visionary dreams.

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10. Quartz

A clear quartz crystal isolated on a white background.

Clear quartz is a versatile healing stone that’s programmable, so you can set your intention on whatever kind of fertility you seek. For those who are trying to conceive, smoky quartz is a more specific tool.

It’s said to help alleviate anxiety and depression, and have a supportive effect on the reproductive organs. Wear it as jewelry, keep it as a pocket stone near the pelvic area, or use it as a meditation tool.

11. Rhodonite

A pink rhodonite gemstone.

Rhodonite is a wonderful emotional healer that’s strongly tied to the heart. It’s good for helping to resolve childhood trauma, which may hold some people back from wanting to have children.

It can also help heal emotional wounds that lead to psychosomatic fertility issues. For those who’re after other kinds of fertility, it can help heal the emotional wounds that lead to creative blocks or a lack of confidence in one’s creations.

Wear or carry it near the pelvic area.

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12. Rutilated quartz

A rutilated quartz crystal.

This stone is associated with Venus and Aphrodite, and said to remove blockages within the energetic body. It’s also believed to foster nurturing, motherly feelings, and help energy flow smoothly.

Whether this is the physical energy needed to conceive and carry a child, or the energy needed to see a project to fruition is up to the user. Wear this stone as jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone.

Every act of creation is the culmination of fertility. Even if you aren’t trying to conceive a child, the energy of fertility can support you in whatever project you take on.

Wear these crystals, keep them on you, or use them to meditate with, and allow their healing energy to help boost your ability to create.

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