Crystals For Repressed Emotions & Emotional Blockages

Have you ever gone through something emotionally trying, but been unable to sit down and process it?

The demands of daily life often don’t leave much room for feeling our feelings — as a result, we end up repressing things in order to be able to wake up, go to work, take care of our families, do the dishes, and just get through the day.

These repressed emotions can create blockages in our physical, mental, and energetic selves. The subtle energies of crystals can help bring these blockages to the surface, where we can properly heal them.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for repressed emotions and emotional blockages:

1. Kunzite

Kunzite is a pinkish stone that can help you connect to the source of love. It’s a very good crystal for resolving repressed emotions related to heartbreak, which can result in emotional blockages that keep you from establishing healthy relationships in the future.

It’s very good at helping you feel loved and supported as you go through the healing process. Kunzite also makes beautiful jewelry, so you can keep this loving, reassuring stone on you.

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2. Kyanite

Kyanite is a blue stone commonly sold in the form of thin “blades.” It’s a very powerful crystal, and one of the few that some users claim never needs to be cleansed. This crystal can help remove blockages that manifest physically.

It’s said to act on the nervous system, so it can be useful when repressed emotions start to appear as aches, pains, and tension — especially if these blockages affect the head or throat area. Meditate with a piece of kyanite placed on the affected area.

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3. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a deep blue stone flecked with pyrite. It’s commonly associated with communication, eloquence, creativity, and nobility. It also helps bring repressed emotions to the surface, so you can release buried pain, sorrow, or anger.

Because of its associations with communication and the throat chakra, it’s also good at helping you communicate your feelings in an honest, effective way.

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4. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a lithium-bearing form of mica with a light lavender color. It’s most often recommended for calming anxiety and enhancing emotional stability, but it’s also said to help resolve blockages within the upper chakras.

As a kind of mica, this can be a fairly soft, delicate stone, so it may be best used during meditation. If you choose to carry it with you throughout the day, keep it by itself in a soft pouch.

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5. Malachite

Malachite is a green stone that’s rich in copper. Copper is associated with Venus, and the color green ties this stone to the heart chakra. This stone is said to help refresh and revitalize this energy center, as well as remove energetic blockages.

It allows you to experience repressed feelings and memories that need to be observed and let go. For best results, place a piece over the heart during meditation, or wear it as a brooch or pendant near this area.

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6. Obsidian

Obsidian isn’t just a metaphysical healing stone, it’s historically been everything from a weapon, to a focus for divination, to a surgical tool. It’s especially helpful for people who suffer from repressed emotions and blockages.

It can help remove negative attachments to the people and patterns that are the roots of these issues, and combats fear. Mahogany obsidian and Apache tears are said to be particularly useful for healing repressed emotions.

As a word of caution, this crystal works very quickly and powerfully on blockages — it may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you uncover. Pair it with gentler crystals to help you accept and heal during this process.

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7. Opal

These delicate, often very flashy stones are said to burn through negative attachments that can serve as the source of emotional blockages. They also amplify emotions, so you can consciously observe the repressed feelings that often go ignored.

It’s also very good at helping people identify maladaptive emotional and behavioral patterns. This healing process can be somewhat painful, as it requires you to confront trauma, feelings, and situations that you would probably prefer to ignore.

Be receptive and open to its energy, and work with a soothing, grounding, calming stone afterward to help cope with the after effects.

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8. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a pink stone that helps connect the upper and lower chakras. It facilitates the clearing of blockages and emotional detritus, heals the heart chakra, and helps instill feelings of courage.

It’s one of the best supportive stones for facing repressed emotions and dealing with the aftermath. Wear or carry it with you to soothe and comfort your heart.

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9. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a wonderful stone for general emotional healing, including of repressed emotions. It’s associated with love and the heart chakra, and is excellent for increasing feelings of self-love and self-compassion.

Uncovering and healing emotional blockages is often a difficult process, and rose quartz can help provide some loving support during this time. It’s a way to be gentler with yourself while you navigate a very trying time.

Wear it in jewelry near the heart area, or carry a rose quartz palm stone to hold when you need some loving energy.

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10. Rutilated quartz

Rutilated quartz is quartz that contains needle- or hairlike inclusions of various colors of rutile. Sometimes, the rutile inclusions are dense enough to create a “cat’s eye” effect when light strikes the stone.

Rutilated quartz is recommended for blockages of all kinds, including emotional ones. Some smoky quartz also has inclusions of rutile, which combines the grounding, negativity-transforming properties of smoky quartz with the blockage-breaking properties of rutile.

Quartz is fairly durable, so you can wear it as everyday jewelry, carry it in a pocket, or hold it during meditation.

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Emotional blockages can keep you from living your best life. They may create harmful behavioral patterns that hold you back, or even manifest as physical pain and illness.

It’s never easy to confront repressed feelings and blockages, but it’s always worth it. When you can overcome this emotional detritus, it frees you up to enjoy life to the fullest.

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