Best Crystals For Vivid & Lucid Dreaming

Do you remember your dreams? Are you one of the fortunate people who can take an active role in your dreams, maintaining your awareness while you travel through your dreamscape at will?

During sleep, we’re very receptive to subtle energies around us. Crystals are an excellent way to gently influence our dreams, leading to more vivid, memorable experiences.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for vivid and lucid dreaming:

1. Amethyst

A purple amethyst crystal isolated on a white background.

Amethyst is probably the best known and most often used dream stone. This purple variety of quartz is frequently used during meditation to activate intuition and hone psychic abilities.

In dream work, it’s used to deepen the dream state and activate lucid dreams. For people who don’t remember their dreams, or don’t think they dream at all, it’s also helpful for dream activation.

Place a tumble stone in a dream pillow, or put a larger specimen near your bed.

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2. Blue Apatite

A blue apatite gemstone on a white background.

This stone has a cleansing effect, especially on the areas of consciousness responsible for psychic activity and detecting paranormal phenomena. It’s said to stimulate visions in general.

Keep it in your pillow case to promote lucid dreams.

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3. Blue Calcite

Light blue calcite stones used for vivid and lucid dreaming.

Blue calcite is best known as a very soothing, calming stone. If you’ve ever suddenly started dreaming only to suddenly awake with a hypnogogic jerk, or has had a lovely lucid dream interrupted by waking up, blue calcite can help.

It smooths the transition to the dream state and can help your mind stay there, prolonging periods of lucid dreaming. Place spheres, geodes, or other large specimens near the head of your bed.

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4. Dalmatian Jasper

A dalmatian jasper stone on a white background.

While you’re seeking vivid, lucid dreams, it’s important to remember to protect your unconscious self. Dalmatian jasper can do this by warding off nightmares, ensuring that you have a calm, pleasant, helpful experience.

It’s also a very grounding stone, so using it to help “re-calibrate” your energy before sleep can result in a deeper, peaceful rest that’s more conducive to vivid dreams.

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5. Fluorite

A blue fluorite crystal on a white background.

Fluorite is often used for focus, which is where it can help with achieving more vivid and lucid dreams. It’s very easy for us to lose the details of what we see in the dream state, and maintaining enough focus to sustain a lucid dream can be challenging.

This crystal is relaxing, calms mental chatter, and focuses the mind on a goal. Make lucid dreaming your nightly objective, and a fluorite stone near your bed can help.

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6. Garden Quartz

A rutilated or garden quartz isolated on white.

Also called shaman quartz, shamanic dream stone, inclusion quartz, scenic quartz, or lodolite, this is a type of clear or smoky quartz with incredible inclusions inside.

These inclusions comprise a variety of minerals, including chlorite, iron oxides, dolomite, and manganese, and can resemble incredibly detailed, fantastical landscapes.

It’s said that shamans would use them as tools during shamanic journeys. In dream work, it’s used for lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Keep towers, lenses, spheres, or other specimens in your bedroom. Many stones work best in a raw state, but garden quartz benefits from a little polishing to make the internal structures more visible.

7. Herkimer Diamond

A bunch of small herkamer diamonds on a white background.

Herkimer diamond is a type of (usually double-terminated) clear quartz from Herkimer, New York. It’s renowned for being especially high energy, and perfect for helping dreamers to vividly remember their experiences after waking.

Since it’s clear quartz, it also helps to amplify the energy of other stones used with it. Make sure you’re buying actual Herkimer quartz — similar-looking stones from China, Pakistan, and other areas are sometimes sold as Herkimers, but have their own properties and uses.

Most Herkimers are fairly small, so include them in dream pillows, put them in pouches under your pillow, or wear them to bed in jewelry.

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8. Jade

A natural green jade crystal isolated on a white background.

Jade is most often considered a luck talisman and prosperity-drawing stone, but it’s also said to intensify images in the mind’s eye and awaken inner knowledge. This makes it useful for promoting vivid dreams.

Keep it under your pillow, or wear it in jewelry.

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9. Lepidolite

A purple and white lepidolite gemstone on a white background.

Lepidolite is a purple stone with a high lithium content and lots of glittering mica. It’s used for relaxation and better sleep, both of which can help you have an easier time dreaming vividly and remembering your experiences.

In addition to that, like Dalmatian jasper, it protects against nightmares — especially those brought on by stress. Keep it under your pillow, or on a bedside table.

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10. Moldavite

A green moldavite crystal isolated on white.

Moldavite is a glassy green mineral formed by a meteoric impact. It’s an extremely high-energy crystal — so much so, in fact, that it’s rarely used for anything related to sleep.

For those who are acclimated to its intense vibrations, moldavite can be very helpful for producing vivid dreams. Like Herkimers, moldavite specimens tend to be small.

However, since it’s such a strong stone, you may wish to keep it no closer than your bedside table or dresser. Putting it in a dream pillow or wearing it as jewelry may make it difficult to sleep restfully.

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11. Rainbow Moonstone

A rainbow moonstone gemstone isolated on a white background.

Despite the name, rainbow moonstone isn’t a true moonstone — it’s actually a white variety of labradorite, with a bright, rainbow-colored schiller.

Like labradorite, it’s helpful for connecting to your psychic and intuitive faculties. This makes it suitable for gently strengthening your ability to dream lucidly, while also guarding against insomnia and nightmares.

Include it in dream pillows, or keep it under your regular pillow. Large specimens are great for keeping on a bedside table.

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A note of caution…

Expensive, delicate specimens, like Herkimer diamonds or moldavite, can easily be damaged by falling onto the floor.

If you choose to sleep with crystals in your bed, make sure that they’re in a secure, protective spot — like a pillowcase with a zipper, a padded pouch, or a dream pillow. Avoid sleeping with stones in your hand, as you may inadvertently drop or toss them as you sleep.

Crystals help dreams with their energy, but they also contribute greatly to creating a soothing, restful atmosphere in a bedroom. The better your quality of sleep, the easier it will be to dream.

If you want to dream vividly and take control of your dreamscape, practicing proper sleep hygiene and working with these stones is an excellent first step.

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