Crystals & Stones For Divine Feminine Energy

Many schools of magic involve a binary made up of a divine feminine and divine masculine. These don’t necessary have anything to do with human genders — “feminine” and “masculine” in this case serve as shorthand.

The divine feminine is all that is Goddess energy, sensuality, fertility, nurturing, healing, receiving, and growing.

It is the Goddess as the archetype of these things, not as humans conceive of masculinity and femininity. People have both energies within them, regardless of their sex or gender presentation.

Some have an easier time connecting to the divine feminine than others. Fortunately, there are crystals that resonate with this energy, and using them can help enhance and facilitate the connection.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for connecting with the divine feminine:

1. Amazonite

This stone is helpful for those who have difficulty reconciling the masculine and feminine energies within them. Amazonite helps mesh the receptive and projective, active and passive, ferocity and healing, and much more.

It’s very useful for people of any sex or gender who deny their connection to the feminine divine, or try to push out the feminine energy within them. Wear it as jewelry, or use it as a meditation stone.

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2. Amethyst

Amethyst connects to the divine feminine through intuition, divination, and psychic abilities. It’s the High Priestess in tarot, the wise oracle, and the goddesses of magic.

It can also help balance hormone levels and relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety, giving access to the calm, balanced, inner realms of the mind.

Wear it as jewelry, carry it as a pocket stone, or add it to a meditation or yoga routine to help tap into your intuition and psychic senses.

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3. Bloodstone

Bloodstone is connected to the divine feminine through the blood lost during menstruation and childbirth, as well as the archetype of the Goddess as a healer.

For users who menstruate, it can help foster a connection to the renewing energy of the new moon. For those who don’t, it acts as an energy purifier and filter, removing blockages that can keep you from connecting to the divine feminine within you.

Wear it as jewelry (especially near the reproductive area), or meditate with it placed over the heart or lower abdomen.

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4. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a copper-containing stone with a beautiful blue-green coloration. It looks like a microcosm of the Earth, with its own continents and seas. This connects it to Gaia and other goddesses of Mother Earth.

These are also the colors of the heart and throat chakras, signifying that this stone aids with opening the heart to feel, and the mouth to speak.

It’s very helpful for those who feel that their divine feminine energy is held back by a fear of speaking up, or who have been made to feel that they should be “seen and not heard.”

Wear it as a pendant between the throat and heart areas, meditate with it, or carry it in a pocket during those times when you need extra support to express your truth.

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5. Emerald

Emerald is strongly tied to growth, abundance, prosperity, fertility, and the heart. In ancient Egypt, it was seen as a symbol of eternal life. In ancient Rome, it was associated with the Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty.

Wear or carry this stone to connect with these attributes of the divine feminine, and to stimulate the heart chakra to feel and express emotions.

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6. Jade

Green jade is a healing stone that nurtures growth and abundance. It’s associated with the heart chakra, Anahata, to help the user open up to feeling and expressing their emotions.

The female bodhisattva Kuan Yin, a personification of mercy, is often depicted in green jade carvings. Keep large specimens of this stone in common areas of the home, wear it as jewelry, carry it in a pocket, or incorporate it into meditation or yoga.

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7. Moonstone

Moonstone is inextricably linked to the cycles of the moon — at one time, it was even believed to increase and decrease in power as the moon waxed and waned!

This stone links the user to the moon’s cyclical nature, lunar energy, and the divine feminine as personified by moon goddesses like Artemis, Selene, and Arianrhod.

Moonstone also makes beautiful jewelry. Wear it, or carry a tumbled stone in your pocket or a pouch, whenever you want to feel a connection to the moon.

As a note of caution, don’t confuse regular moonstones with rainbow moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is actually a type of white labradorite, and has special properties of its own.

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8. Peridot

This lovely green stone is associated with the Hindu deity Lakshmi. She represents abundance, and peridot’s color has long been used to represent growth, fertility, and prosperity.

It’s a useful stone for connecting to this verdant, abundant energy. It’s best worn as jewelry, perhaps with other stones for divine feminine energy.

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9. Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a wonderful stone for healing emotional trauma. It’s connected to the divine feminine through the energy of love and mother goddesses.

On one hand, it helps open the heart to love and heals heartbreak. On the other, it holds very nurturing mother energy within it, acting as a supportive presence as the user heals old wounds.

Since this process can sometimes be messy and painful, rhodonite may best be used during meditation, or as part of a yoga practice.

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10. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of love, beauty, and emotional healing. It can help connect you to the energy of the divine feminine as personified by love goddesses, like Aphrodite.

It’s also useful for helping to heal the emotional wounds that can keep the user from being able to connect with the divine feminine within them.

Incorporate rose quartz into a yoga practice that focuses on opening the heart chakra. You can also wear it as jewelry, carry it, or include it in your meditation.

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11. Selenite

Selenite is named for one of the goddesses of the moon, Selene. Like moonstone, it helps foster a connection to this divine lunar energy.

It’s also a fantastic energetic cleanser, helping to remove traces of stagnant or negative energy wherever it encounters them.

Selenite is a bit delicate to wear as jewelry, so place it in your home, or use rough or polished wands to “sweep” your aura clear. You can also meditate with this powerful stone, or add it to a yoga practice.

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The idea of the divine masculine and feminine exist as a kind of deific polarity, not as a way to describe humans or their behavior.

All people are a beautiful combination of the masculine and feminine, which ebbs, flows, and rebalances itself throughout life.

If you are in need of help connecting to, celebrating, or balancing the divine feminine within you, working with these stones can help.

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