Healing Crystals For Dissociation

Dissociation is a state of detachment. This can be mild, like the “distant” feeling you may experience due to stress or anxiety, or severe, separating you entirely from your physical and emotional experience.

Dissociative phenomena are thought to occur as a defense mechanism, where the mind tries to protect itself from emotional stress by detaching from reality and compartmentalizing thoughts, ideas, or experiences.

Dissociation can be a symptom of major psychiatric disorders, and should be treated by a medical professional.

If you’re currently working on the underlying psychiatric causes of dissociation and want some extra help getting through the day, there are certain crystals that may help.

While no crystal can replace therapy and medical help, there are some that are said to combat emotional stress and help ground you in reality.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones that can help with dissociation:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a very nice calming stone. It’s also inexpensive and readily available, so it isn’t hard to come by. You can keep a tumbled piece or palm stone in your pocket, and just take it out and hold it when you feel yourself becoming stressed.

If you can find a small piece of an amethyst cluster to carry, rubbing the rough texture of the tiny crystal points can help ground you in your body and maintain your connection to your surroundings.

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2. Black tourmaline

It’s commonly used to help you return your energy to its normal, natural state, but can also be used in the sense of grounding yourself in your body and present reality.

Any physical object can help ground you in your body and reality — even just activating your tactile sense by touching something in your immediate area can help.

Keeping a piece of rough black tourmaline on you gives you a small, convenient object with a complex, stimulating texture to hold, touch, or rub when you need to.

Black tourmaline is also said to help shield you from negative energy. (It’s so efficient at catching negative energy before it affects you, you should cleanse this stone often.)

Grounding stones can also be helpful for various other sensory exercises. Some people report that washing their hands or taking a bath helps ground them.

You can keep water-safe stones like black tourmaline around the edges of your sink or tub to infuse the experience with their calming, anchoring energies.

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3. Druzy quartz

Druzy quartz isn’t really a special type of quartz — it’s a form. Druse describes the tiny, sugar-like growths of crystaks on the surface of other minerals. Picture the inside of a geode, glittering with thousands of tiny quartz points.

Metaphysically, druzy quartz is said to increase feelings of relaxation. Physically, druzy quartz has a rough, stimulating texture.

You may wish to include a small (roughly quarter-sized) piece in a “sensory kit,” which includes something to touch, something to taste, something to smell, and so on.

Go through each of the items, mindfully experiencing each one, to anchor you to your body and immediate reality.

4. Hematite

Hematite is a metallic gray iron-bearing stone. It’s commonly used for strength, protection, and grounding. In addition to grounding your energy, it’s also helpful for grounding your body.

As a metallic stone, hematite is generally pretty cold to the touch. Holding it for a little while can mimic the psychological grounding technique of holding an ice cube. Polished hematite is also a very soothing stone to hold and rub.

You can even wear a bracelet made of hematite beads, or a smooth hematite ring to touch and fidget with when you need to be present in your body.

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5. Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a type of lithium-bearing mica with a soothing light lilac-gray color. It’s often suggested for helping with anxiety, since it has a very calming, stabilizing energy.

If you tend to feel detached from yourself or your surroundings when you’re feeling anxious or under stress, carrying this stone may help.

As a kind of mica, however, it’s pretty delicate. You may wish to either carry lepidolite by itself in a protective pouch, or meditate with it every day instead.

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6. Sandstone

Sandstone is, as its name implies, a stone made of sand compressed and cemented together over eons. It’s said to help with mental focus, dismissing distractions, and balancing emotions.

While its metaphysical properties may be helpful to those experiencing mild forms of dissociation due to stress, its actually mostly helpful for its physical properties instead.

Raw sandstone has a rough texture. If you hold it and gently rub the surface while you’re feeling anxious and detached, it can help ground you in reality. You can also include sandstone in a sensory kit, just like druzy quartz.

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7. Shungite

Shungite is a shiny black, metallic-looking mineraloid primarily composed of carbon. It’s often used to absorb electromagnetic frequencies, and some say that it can help reduce environmental stressors due to appliances, computers, and other devices.

It also attracts peaceful energy, and can be a very beautiful, soothing stone to hold and look at. Keep a large piece near your devices, or a smaller one in your pocket. As with many other crystals, simply holding and rubbing it can help ground you.

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8. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is hailed as an excellent grounding stone. Like black tourmaline, it’s commonly used to help you return your energy to its regular baseline but can also help anchor you in your body and reality.

Carry a smooth tumbled piece or palm stone in your pocket for when you just need to hold something to ground yourself in your body.

If you’re carrying a lot of stress around with you, this is also a wonderful stone to meditate with. It’s said to help transmute negative energies to positive ones.

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Dissociation is difficult. It can arise from some very complex, deep-seated issues that may take a long time and many types of treatment to manage.

Crystals can’t replace diagnosis and treatment by a competent doctor, but they can serve as a gentle means of support and tactile stimulation when you need it.

Keep one or more on you to benefit from their calming and grounding energies, as well as their weight and texture.

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