Healing Crystals & Stones For Depression

If you’re living with depression, you know that a good therapist and medication can often be your best allies. Unfortunately, these aren’t protection against bad days, and it may not be feasible to get a therapy appointment or adjust your medication on the fly.

That’s where holistic help can come in. Things like crystal healing can provide a little boost when you need one, without conflicting with any other treatments that you’re using.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones to use when you need some help managing depression:

1. Amber

An amber gemstone used to help with depression on a white background.

Amber is chiefly helpful in situations where depression is worsened by changes in the seasons or gloomy weather. While not actually a crystal, these pieces of fossilized tree resin help maintain our connection to nature, the outdoors, and the growing cycle.

If you can’t get outside to forest bathe or experience a lot of green in your life — two things which can help calm nerves and boost mood — carry an amber stone or wear amber jewelry.

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2. Angel Aura Quartz

Angel aura quartz crystal on a white background.

Angel aura quartz is clear quartz with an extremely thin layer of metal bonded to the outside through a process called vapor deposition. This gives it all of the properties of clear quartz, plus the properties of the metal or metals used to color it.

In angel aura’s case, that’s typically a blend of precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. It can help form and strengthen a shield of positive energy around you, to help keep negative energies from further lowering your mood, and promotes mental clarity.

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3. Aventurine

A green aventurine gemstone isolated on white.

Aventurine is a stone of compassion and friendliness. Depression can often feel (and be) very isolating. It helps you forge new, stronger connections with people, and exhibit deeper compassion for yourself and others.

It’s also considered a very lucky stone. Carry tumbled aventurine in a pocket or pouch, and take it out when you need to feel a little less lonely.

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4. Black Tourmaline

A black tourmaline stone on a white background.

Black tourmaline is best known as a grounding stone. This means that it’s used to re-calibrate our energy fields when we’re feeling off kilter. That’s not all it does, however — it’s also a powerful shield against negative energy.

Keep a large chunk in your home or bedroom, wherever you spend the most time.

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5. Clear Quartz

A transparent clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz is considered a “master crystal” when it comes to healing. This is largely because it’s programmable — you can align its energy toward whatever goal or purpose you have in mind.

If you need a crystal buddy to help protect you from absorbing other people’s negativity, it can do that. If you need something to attract positive energy to you, it can do that, too.

Clear quartz stones with internal rainbows are especially helpful when it comes to lifting low moods.

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6. Citrine

An orange citrine crystal on a white background.

Citrine has a reputation as an extremely positive stone, for good reason. It’s considered a “solar” stone, meaning that it has the energy of the sun. This crystal can inspire feelings of joy, hope, and optimism.

It’s also excellent as stimulating creativity. If possible, try to find natural, untreated citrine, though heat-treated amethyst stones sold as citrine will do in a pinch. Wear it in jewelry or keep it in a pouch near your heart or head.

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7. Carnelian

A red and orange carnelian gemstone isolated on a white background.

Carnelian is used to promote strength and vitality, which makes it very helpful when depression seems to sap all of your energy and ability to engage in self-care.

It’s hard to feel better when you don’t have the energy to eat well, keep your home clean, or get out of the house, and carnelian can provide a bit of help. It’s very helpful when it comes to lethargy, and can inspire us to make healthier life choices.

Keep a tumble stone or large piece where you spend most of your time, or wear it as jewelry.

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8. Moonstone

A tumbled blue moonstone on a white background.

Moonstone is said to radiate the peaceful, loving energy of the moon. It’s used to help balance all kinds of things, from the endocrine system to moods. This gemstone stands as a potent symbol of change — think of the changing tides, or the phases of the moon. It tells us that, no matter what we’re experiencing right now, it will pass.

Since this stone is often used for menstrual problems, it can also come in handy when depressive symptoms are triggered by hormonal fluctuations. All told, it’s a great ally when you need things to smooth out.

Keep a tumble stone in a pocket or pouch near the affected area. If you’re experiencing low mood due to hormonal changes, that’s near the pelvis. Otherwise, keep or wear it near the heart or head.

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9. Rainbow Moonstone

A rainbow moonstone crystal that can be used to help with depression.

Unlike regular moonstone, rainbow moonstone isn’t really a moonstone at all — it’s essentially a lighter version of labradorite. It helps promote feelings of self-confidence and creativity, along with the balancing properties of regular moonstone.

Wear it in jewelry as a pendant or earrings.

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10. Rose Quartz

A pink rose quartz crystal commonly used to help with depression.

Rose quartz is best known as a love-drawing stone, but this can have an impact far beyond just trying to attract a partner.

Since it’s good for all kinds of love, it’s excellent for promoting feelings of self-love. Depression can make it hard to exhibit self-love or compassion, so carrying or wearing this stone near the heart or head can help.

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11. Sunstone

An orange sunstone gemstone on a white background.

Sunstone comes in two varieties — one is a natural type of orange-colored stone, the other is a kind of art glass more properly termed “goldstone.” Like citrine, natural sunstone radiates solar energy. It attracts positive energy, while dispelling the negative.

It also has a very gentle energy, which can help when depression leaves you in an emotionally fragile state. Keep it as a tumble stone, so you can take it out and hold it when you need some brightness and positivity.

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Crystals aren’t a substitute for therapy, but they can be a very helpful addition to your treatment plan.

Red, orange, and yellow stones are especially useful for those days when you seem to lack the energy to get up and go, while rainbow stones increase feelings of optimism when things seem hopeless.

The more you meditate with and wear a crystal, the more helpful it can be.

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