Crystals to Connect with Nature

Humans need nature, even the most ardent city-dwellers. This is reflected in everything from biophilic architecture, to research that shows that the color green can help lower stress and relieve headaches.

Even something as simple as living in an apartment without enough sunlight, or sunlight that comes in from only one direction, is enough to have a negative impact on human mental health.

We need some kind of connection to the natural world for our bodies and minds to thrive.

Not everyone can connect with nature as deeply as they’d like, but that’s okay. There are crystals whose energy can help you develop a stronger, more profound connection to nature and nature spirits.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for connecting with nature:

1. Aragonite

This unusual-looking crystal, often sold in starburst-like clusters, is credited with helping the user transition to a more ecologically-conscious lifestyle.

For those who want to live in harmony with nature, but don’t know where to start, meditating with aragonite can provide some inspiration.

It makes it easier for the user to “trim the fat,” so to speak, and find areas of their life where they can conserve resources.

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2. Black kyanite

This black form of kyanite, often in intriguing “witch’s broom” forms, is said to help mitigate pollution from various sources and support environmental healing.

It’s a good stone for those seeking to connect with the Earth through beach cleanups, volunteering at nature preserves, or other efforts to heal and preserve the environment.

Kyanite is a bit friable, so it’s best when carried safely in a pouch if you’re going to be doing things like picking up trash or pulling invasive weeds.

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3. Devic temple quartz

Devic temple quartz is a somewhat controversial crystal. This can be any type of quartz, from amethyst to smoky quartz.

The distinguishing characteristic is the presence of flaws, imperfections, “fairy frost,” and internal fractures that resemble steps, tables, or other structures.

There may even be shapes that resemble faces, animals, or winged figures. These stones are said to contain special spaces where spirit entities can stay. Some call them angels, some say ethereal beings, fairies, or nature spirits.

Whatever your belief system, these quartz specimens may provide a direct means of communication with a spirit of nature. Hold this quartz while you meditate, focusing your intention on connecting to and receiving wisdom from this being.

4. Green tourmaline

This bright green, translucent crystal is said to hold the energy of plants within it. It helps plants thrive, supporting their growth by acting as a conduit between them and the energy of the Earth.

As a meditation stone, it can help the user connect to nature spirits. Meditate with it in your garden to bring harmony to yourself and your plants, or carry it with you when hiking.

5. Larimar

Nature is more than green fields and forests. For those who want to connect to the natural world in its watery aspect, larimar can provide a way to attract and communicate with water spirits.

These stones are shades of blue, patterned like the sun on the sea. Larimar makes beautiful jewelry, and is a wonderful stone to hold while meditating. Carry it with you when you’re near the ocean.

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6. Moss agate

Like the name implies, this is a type of green agate whose mineral impurities appear as patterns that look like moss. It’s often used to boost the health of plants, and many green witches keep a moss agate or two in their gardens and potted plants to increase their yields.

It’s also said to open lines of communications between the user and spirits of nature, facilitating a connection to the wild world. Use this stone near your plants, or wear it in jewelry to benefit from its energies yourself.

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7. Prehnite

This translucent yellowish-green crystal is said to create a relaxing environment, allowing the user to feel in harmony with the nature around them.

As a green stone, prehnite also has an innate connection to nature and growth through color magic. Keep large specimens in your home to create a biophilic atmosphere, or carry some with you when walking through wild places.

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8. Serpentine

This green stone often contains inclusions of magnetite. This mineral is attracted to magnets, and can itself be magnetized. This gives it a connection to the Earth’s own magnetic field, and may help the user have an easier time feeling this energy for themselves.

Like moss agate, serpentine is often used as a garden stone. Keep a tumbled specimen or two in your yard or near your potted plants to support their growth, or carry it with you when working with Earth energies.

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9. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz is a brown or grayish variety of clear quartz, commonly used for grounding. It’s also a known energy purifier, helping to transmute negativity into positivity.

Some say that it helps the user remove the negative cycles that keep them focused inward, allowing them to care more about the world around them — especially the environment.

This makes it a good crystal for those who’re feeling burned out by the constant bad news about pollution, climate change, and other environmental problems. Meditate with it to refresh yourself and increase your concern for ecological issues.

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10. Tree agate

Like moss agate, tree agate is a stone with green patterns. However, tree agate’s green forms streaks shaped like feathery branches or ferns.

This crystal is said to help the user develop their connection to nature spirits, particularly the spirits of trees. Wear or carry this stone while forest bathing or meditating outdoors, especially under a tree.

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11. Honorable Mention: Water-safe crystals

There’s one way to work with crystals that applies to pretty much all of them, even ones that aren’t on this list: They make great offerings.

If you have a tree, body of water, or just a place that you enjoy and want to connect to, try leaving an offering or two when you pass by.

Small crystals are perfect for this. Just make sure that whatever ones you decide to leave are safe for use in water — since you’ll be placing them outside, they’ll inevitably get wet.

Water-safe stones can hold up to some rain without leaching heavy metals or other harmful compounds into the soil.

Connecting with nature is more than magic. It’s important for our physical and mental health. Living in harmony with our environment is a healing practice, and these crystals can help foster connections between the Earth, plants, water, and spirits of nature.

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