Best Crystals For Clarity & Decision Making

Everyone has experienced a time when they needed to make an important decision, but had their judgment clouded. There are plenty of reasons for a person to experience a lack of clarity, and the “why” isn’t really the important part.

The main thing to figure out is “how.” How can you help yourself have clear judgment, and make the right decisions for you and others?

There are specific crystals whose energy is particularly well-suited to this. They can help the user increase their focus, clear their mind, and unite the logical and emotional to make the right decisions.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for clarity and decision making:

1. Amber

An amber stone.

Sometimes, people put off making decisions because there’s too much anxiety involved. For people who fear making the wrong choice too much to make any choice at all, amber can help sort things out.

Amber is a golden orange bit of fossilized tree resin whose energy is ideally suited to enhancing mental clarity by reducing the stress around decision making.

Wear amber jewelry, carry it as a pocket stone, or meditate with it to maintain a calm, focused attitude.

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2. Ametrine

An ametrine crystal.

Ametrine is a unique stone that combines amethyst and citrine in one crystal. It exhibits color zoning, with some areas appearing purple, and others yellow.

Since it holds the energies of both stones, it’s useful for enhancing the user’s intuitive senses, inner vision, and mental focus, as well as their willpower. (Citrine’s association with luck doesn’t hurt, either!)

It’s a wonderful stone for combining the strengths of the logical and intuitive mind, enabling the user to make good choices. Wear it as jewelry, carry it as a pocket stone, or sit with it to meditate on a problem.

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3. Charoite

A purple Chariote stone.

Charoite is a beautiful purple stone associated with intelligence, calm, and perspective. It can help users obtain a bird’s eye view of their problems, empowering them to make decisions that will lead to a better outcome.

Carry or meditate with this stone when you’re faced with a major decision about school, work, or your personal life.

4. Fluorite

A flourite crystal.

Fluorite is helpful for dealing with cluttered thoughts. For those who suffer from choice fatigue or an overabundance of information, it can help the user sort through things and determine what’s really pertinent.

Hold it while meditating on a question or problem in order to gain insight and clarity.

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5. Hematite

A hematite stone.

Hematite is widely used as a grounding stone. When it comes to clarity and decision making, that means that it helps the user stay in the here and now, focusing on the most pertinent information at hand.

It can help keep your feet on the ground and enable you to make choices based on what’s in front of you.

If you tend to have your head in the clouds, carrying it as a pocket stone can be very helpful. If you’re struggling with a decision, hold hematite while meditating on your options.

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6. Jade

A jade crystal.

Some crystal experts describe jade as a perfect stone for stimulating action. When it comes to decision making, having information and being able to consider possibilities is all well and good.

It doesn’t amount to much if the decision maker isn’t able to translate those thoughts into action, though. Jade can help with this process, preventing hesitation.

Wear it as jewelry or carry it as a pocket stone. If you work in an industry that requires a lot of snap decision making, keep jade carvings in your office or place of business.

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7. Lapis lazuli

A lapis lazuli stone.

Lapis lazuli is a fantastic stone for uncovering hidden truths. It’s also associated with the throat chakra, which governs communication. Using lapis can help you bring information to light that you might’ve missed, allowing you to make more informed choices.

Once you’ve made a decision, it can help you communicate it clearly and effectively. Meditate with it when you have a problem that needs solving, or wear it as jewelry to keep your focus sharp.

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8. Prehnite

Prehnite is a calcium and aluminum silicate mineral with a green to yellow-green color. Its colors tie it to the solar plexus and heart chakras, and it’s said to work to mesh a person’s will with the longing of their heart.

This can help the user make better decisions by keeping them from relying solely on one or the other — instead, they can choose the path for their highest good. Carry it as a pocket stone, or use it while meditating on a problem.

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9. Sapphire

A sapphire crystal.

Classic blue sapphires are crystals of mental focus. They’re pretty versatile, too — this focus can manifest as enhanced intuition and a better ability to make connections between seemingly unrelated information, and as logic and mental clarity.

This stone is also good at cutting through mental noise to get to the heart of a matter. Wear sapphire jewelry when you need to make high-stakes decisions.

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10. Smoky quartz

A smoky quartz crystal.

Smoky quartz is, like hematite, a grounding stone. That means that it’s similarly good at rooting the user in the here and now, keeping them from being overwhelmed with “what ifs.”

It’s also good at guarding against negativity and relieving emotional tension, both things that can keep people from being able to make decisions. Wear this stone daily, or place larger specimens in an area you frequent often.

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11. Sodalite

A sodalite crystal.

Sodalite is a wonderful stone for the logical mind. If you tend to think more with your heart, this stone can help you experience mental clarity, stronger intuition, better analytical capabilities, and a stronger focus.

Wear it as jewelry or carry it in a pocket so you can constantly benefit from its logic-enhancing, intuition-strengthening properties.

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When we’re making important decisions, it’s good to have as much information as possible. Sometimes, that can make us overthink things, leading us into trouble making any decision at all.

These crystals can help the user find important facts, unite the logical and intuitive minds, develop clarity, and act decisively.

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