Crystals For Breaking Attachments & Letting Go

Breaking attachments is a common practice in magic and metaphysical healing. Every time we become emotionally attached to a person, we develop an etheric bond with them that allows energy to pass between us.

When a relationship is healthy and balanced, this bond looks like a thick, vibrant cord — energy passes freely both ways, and both people feel fulfilled and happy. When it isn’t, this cord can begin to draw energy from one partner to supply the other.

Even after a relationship has ended, the cord isn’t necessarily cut. If it’s left in place, we can feel drained, sad, and preoccupied with the person on the other end of it.

The same is true for bad habits. Things we invest our energy and desire into can become etherically bound to us.

As long as these bonds stay in place, we will have a much more difficult time letting go and moving forward. Fortunately, there are crystals that can help this process.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for breaking attachments and letting go:

1. Amethyst

An Amethyst crystal.

In folklore, amethyst was believed to keep the user from becoming intoxicated. Even its name means “not drunk.” This stone has long been used as an aid for breaking bad habits and relieving addictive tendencies.

It also helps provide mental clarity and aids introspection. Wear it as jewelry, keep it as a pocket stone, and meditate with it regularly.

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2. Aragonite

Even if you’re ready to let go of a person or situation, it can bring on some very strong emotions. Aragonite is a calming stone that also helps keep you grounded and opens your eyes to the truth.

These specimens are usually best used as meditation tools, or during therapy to help with acceptance and letting go.

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3. Carnelian

A Carnelian crystal.

Carnelian is a stone of vitality, passion, and inner fire. It’s good for recovering during the attachment-breaking process.

Sometimes, leaving old people and habits behind can make you feel drained. Carnelian provides a boost to your physical energy and creativity, which can help you power through. Wear it as jewelry, or carry it as a pocket stone.

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4. Black kyanite

Black kyanite is a powerful protection stone that’s useful for shielding you from etheric cords trying to sap your energy.

Kyanite in general is a very powerful cleansing stone, helping to remove all traces of negativity — including things that have attached themselves to you and refuse to let go.

Use this stone as part of a cord-cutting meditation, or carry it with you for protection.

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5. Citrine

A citrine crystal.

Citrine might seem like an odd choice here, but it’s really ideal for handling the emotional aftermath of breaking an attachment or habit.

Citrine is a stone of optimism and positivity, useful for banishing negativity in all its forms and combating the feelings of loneliness or emptiness that you may feel after letting go of someone or something that was once significant to you.

Wear it as jewelry or keep it as a pocket stone to always have that sunny energy around you.

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6. Clear quartz

A clear quartz crystal.

Clear quartz is excellent for directing energy. Some specimens are used as “laser wands,” focusing intention into a beam and pointing it right at a target. This makes clear quartz very useful for cord cutting rituals.

Hold it in your dominant hand, and visualize a cord of energy emanating from your solar plexus area. Send energy through the quartz crystal, and use this to sever the energetic cord.

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7. Moonstone

A moonstone crystal.

Moonstone is a powerful emotional healer. It’s inextricably tied to the energy of the moon and cycles — whether those are the moon’s phases, a human’s circadian rhythm, or the idea that what leaves us can return again in another form.

This makes it a helpful crystal for letting go. Moonstone teaches to us accept the cycle of give and take, and love and loss. Work with it as a meditation stone to help absorb its lessons.

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8. Obsidian

Black obsidian.

Obsidian is a natural choice here. Historically used for producing weapons and tools with a sharp, super-fine edge, this stone also grounds and protects.

It can help the user stay in the moment, instead of dwelling on past attachments, and guards against negative energy transmitted by the etheric cord.

Use it in combination with a cord cutting meditation for best results. Obsidians in the shape of knives or arrowheads are extremely helpful here.

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9. Onyx

An onyx stone.

Like other dark stones, black onyx is wonderful for grounding and banishing. It wards of negative energy, and helps increase the user’s willpower to keep them from returning to the same harmful habits, places, and people.

Keep it on you as often as possible — either as jewelry, or a pocket stone.

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10. Smoky quartz

A smoky quartz crystal.

Smoky quartz is very effective at transmuting the negative into the positive. It’s also a very grounding stone, helping us to stay focused on the here and now instead of ruminating unproductively on the past and future.

If breaking an attachment has you feeling “unmoored,” carry a smoky quartz to help you stay focused and ward off negative energy.

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11. Staurolite

A staurolite stone.

Also known as “fairy cross,” this stone is very helpful for releasing things. It helps increase feelings of courage, allowing the user to push through the process of breaking a bad habit or cutting an etheric cord.

Carry it in a pocket and reach for it when you find you need extra strength.

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12. Sunstone

Like citrine, sunstone is a crystal of optimism and positivity. It can also help bring dark things to light, which aids the letting go process.

Using this stone helps banish negativity, increase positive feelings, and bolster things like energy and creativity.

Wear it as jewelry or keep it as a pocket stone so you can constantly benefit from its power.

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Letting go is a complicated process that’s different for everyone. The only constant is that we’ll all have to go through it at some point.

If you’re struggling with releasing a negative attachment, whether it’s to a person, place, or habit, these crystals can help you break etheric cords, stay strong, remain optimistic, and move forward with your life.

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