Best Herbs & Essential Oils For Aries

The Aries sun sign falls between March 21st and April 19th in the western zodiac, and April 21st to May 12th in the sidereal. If you follow astrology, you know what being born under the sign of the ram means for you.

Aries sun signs are typically tenacious, energetic, and born leaders, but they can also tend to be arrogant, competitive, and inclined to anger.

Physically, this sign is said to rule the head, eyes, and brain, and can be prone to headaches, fevers, skin problems, and inflammatory conditions.

Fortunately, your sun sign doesn’t condemn you to being angry and having stress headaches all of the time — there are herbs and essential oils that are particularly suitable for balancing Aries energy.

Here are some of the best Aries herbs and essential oils:

1. Cayenne

Capsicum annuum is a bit of a paradox. On one hand, it tastes hot and is very stimulating, even triggering the release of endorphins in the brain. On the other, it’s actually a cooling herb, since its “heat” causes the body to respond by increasing circulation and sweating.

That means that it’s perfect for Aries — the pepper’s heat is aligned with this Fire sign’s energy, while its ability to cool keeps it from being too much.

Since Aries governs blood, especially blood in the head, cayenne’s ability boost circulation and reduce inflammation is a pretty nice bonus. Add ground cayenne to savory foods, chocolate, or fresh, tropical fruit.

2. Chamomile

Matricaria recutita and Anthemis nobilis are two members of the aster family, with small, white, daisy-like flowers and very similar medicinal properties.

Chamomile is commonly used as a mild sedative and antidote to stress and anxiety. It’s also occasionally used to soothe conditions of the skin and scalp.

It can help Aries when their Mars energy is too high, by helping to calm anger and stress. This lets the headstrong ram chill out. Make a tea from the dried herb, or use the essential oil in aromatherapy jewelry or baths.

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3. Garlic

These pungent bulbs are ubiquitous in savory dishes, and for good reason. Not only does Allium sativum taste good, it’s said to be very helpful for lowering cholesterol, improving circulation, reducing blood pressure, and fighting inflammation.

It’s also spicy, especially when raw. In this way, it harmonizes with Aries’ hot nature, but may also help mitigate some of the conditions that can plague this sign.

Consume garlic as a culinary herb. The more you heat it and less you crush it, the milder the flavor becomes. The less it’s cooked and the more it’s crushed, the hotter it’ll be.

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4. Geranium

Pelargonium species, the scented geraniums, produce an essential oil that’s used to de-stress and enhance emotional balance. When Aries’ competitive nature and desire to lead gets to be too much, they can succumb to stress.

Using geranium oil helps restore their equilibrium. Put it in aromatherapy jewelry, use it in a diffuser (avoid using around pets or small children), or add a drop to body lotion or massage oil.

You can also use a geranium hydrosol to lightly mist yourself, and enjoy its skin-soothing benefits alongside its aroma.

5. Ginger

Zingiber officinale is best known for its beige, knobby, spicy roots. These align perfectly with Aries’ dominant traits. Ginger is warming and stimulating, helping digestion and clearing out conditions said to be caused by cold and dampness.

This herb is best used when Aries energy is weakened or understimulated. Add it to foods, or grate the fresh root and brew it into tea.

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6. Hawthorn

Crataegus oxycantha is sometimes used for jellies or teas, but its best known as an herb for the heart. It’s said to act as a kind of cardiac tonic, helping to improve circulation by making the heart beat more efficiently.

This moves stagnant blood and lowers blood pressure. Hawthorn extract is also used in treatments for hair loss, which Aries often experience in conjunction with excessive body hair growth.

7. Horseradish

The long roots of Cochlearia armoracia make a delicious hot seasoning when grated. Like cayenne, it stimulates circulation and can provoke a cooling response in the body.

It also helps with digestion and acts as a mild diuretic, which is useful when it comes to moving waste and stagnant material out of the body. Add the grated root to dishes that could use some heat. It’s particularly delicious on meats and fish.

8. Lavender

Lavandula augustifolia is often treated as a kind of panacea. This is largely because it’s able to help reduce stress and anxiety, which can be contributing factors for so many conditions.

Energetically, it’s also treated as a kind of universal herb — it cleanses negative energy, attracts love, enhances meditation, and promotes feelings of peace.

Its floral, slightly menthol scent also smells cooling and refreshing, two things that hot, dry Aries can use when their energy gets too high.

Use lavender flowers in teas or other beverages. You can also add the essential oil to aromatherapy jewelry, diffusers (be careful around kids and animals), massage oil, or even just apply a drop to the palm of your hand and breathe in.

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9. Mustard

Mustard is more than a spicy yellow condiment. It also refers to several plants in Sinapis and Brassica, which produce mustard greens and seeds. The greens and seeds alike are notable for their spicy, almost horseradish-like flavor.

They align with Aries energy because of their heat, and their ability to improve digestion and stimulate circulation. Mustards are great for boosting Aries’ fiery energy.

Use the greens in salads, or cook them similarly to spinach. Use the ground seeds in any dish that could use a little heat.

10. Yarrow

Achillea millefolium is commonly used for skin conditions, which Aries often experience. It’s also considered a cooling, fever-reducing remedy that helps with circulation — either stopping bleeding, or helping to move stagnant blood.

This makes it a useful remedy for counteracting an overabundance of Aries energy. When all of the ram’s enthusiasm and Mars energy becomes too much, it’s said to heat and dry the body.

Follow an herbalist’s guide to usage for specific conditions. You can also use yarrow hydrosol topically to cool and heal the skin.

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Aries is all about the head — picture a ram with an impressive, curling set of horns. The sign is headstrong, rules the head, eyes, and brain, and often has to deal with hair loss.

Hot spices help stimulate Aries energy, but, when the ram needs to cool down a little bit, nothing beats herbs like lavender, yarrow, and rose geranium.

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