Aragonite: Magical Properties, Benefits & Uses

If you enjoy crystal magic, healing, or even just collecting, chances are you’ve heard of calcite. You might be less aware of calcite’s intriguing cousin, aragonite. It forms in everything from caves to corals, and can create very interesting branching, crystalline patterns.

About Aragonite

Aragonite is calcium carbonate, just like calcite. The only difference lies in its internal structure — aragonite has an orthorhombic crystal lattice with needle-like growths. It can form columns, spiky starbursts, or even twisting forms that almost resemble flowers.

An aragonite crystal isolated on a white background.

Depending on the presence of other minerals, aragonite can be a variety of colors. Specimens appear in every color of the rainbow, as well as white, gray, and brown.

Aragonite is an important mineral for healthy sealife. In home aquaria, it’s used to maintain the pH balance of water, as well as add trace minerals crucial for marine organisms.

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Aragonite Healing Properties & Benefits

As an emotional healer, aragonite is a stabilizing stone. Much like it helps buffer saltwater against changes in acidity, it’s said to help keep the user steady in times of stress.

It’s also purported to be a powerful ally when it comes to getting to the root of a problem, so the user can unearth it and allow it to heal properly. It’s a stone of deep healing, adaptability, strength, and calm.

Physically, aragonite is said to aid with vitamin and mineral deficiencies, muscle spasms, and headaches. Its calming effects are also used to ease chronic pain.

Some crystal healers say it warms and improves circulation to the extremities, and serves as a general protector against many forms of disease.

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Aragonite Magical Properties

Aragonite is relatively new to magic — you probably won’t find it in any old grimoires. If you do, it’s likely to be in the form of coral, shells, or other things that are technically aragonite, but differ greatly from the starburst-like “Sputnik aragonite” specimens you see in crystal shops.

Nevertheless, aragonite is now recognized as a very helpful stone for grounding and centering oneself. If you feel a bit out of balance, or if a meditation, divination, or other working has left you spaced out and lightheaded, hold a piece of aragonite. It can help you re-calibrate your energy.

This crystal can also help with cord cuttings and other workings to release unwanted attachments. Since it’s good at getting to the root of a problem, it can be useful in situations where the user may not feel entirely able to let go of a toxic person, habit, or situation.

In terms of color magic, there’s almost nothing aragonite can’t do. It often forms by deposition, which gives other minerals plenty of opportunity to impact its color. The most common shade seen in crystal shops is a kind of orange to cinnamon color.

A macro shot of aragonite with magical and metaphysical properties.

Orange rules confidence, creativity, and pride. White is associated with protection, spirituality, and cleansing. Gray rules divination, illusions, and secrets. Brown is connected to Earth magic, animals, and security.

Red is for vigor, lust, ambition, and vitality. Blue can be used for peace, healing, and truth. Yellow is for intellect, focus, and concentration. Green is associated with prosperity, fertility, beauty, and growth.

For those who work with chakras, aragonite’s abilities are varied. Each chakra has its own color, and there’s likely an aragonite specimen to match. The most common shades of aragonite is associated with the solar plexus or sacral chakras. The solar plexus chakra rules confidence and willpower, and blockages may result in low self-esteem and a lack of emotional strength.

The sacral chakra rules pleasure and creativity, and blockages may manifest as a literal artistic block or anhedonia. Meditating with an aragonite crystal over its corresponding chakra can help root out energy blocks, allowing the life force to flow freely through the chakras.

How to Cleanse Aragonite

As a calcium carbonate mineral, aragonite has similar needs to calcite. That means that it’s best to avoid getting it wet, which can cause it to break down. Instead, try one of the following cleansing methods.

Some methods for cleansing Aragonite include:

  • Placing the crystal in sunlight.
  • Placing it in the light of a full moon.
  • Using your personal energy.
  • Fumigating it with cleansing herbs or incense smoke.
  • Sprinkling it with sea salt, cleansing herbs, or a mixture of the two.
  • Placing it on another crystal, like selenite.
  • Playing music, chimes, bells, or singing bowls. If you choose this method, avoid placing your aragonite directly inside of a vibrating singing bowl. This may cause the crystal to crack.

Getting Started With Aragonite

Aragonite is a wonderfully stabilizing crystal, and an energetic powerhouse of healing energy. This makes it a good choice for beginners to work with, as long as they’re gentle with it — as strengthening as aragonite’s energy can be, the crystal itself is brittle and relatively soft.

Aragonite might be a challenge for some buyers to find. It’s not very rare, but it’s not as popular as stones like clear quartz or amethyst. If you do find a seller who offers aragonite, they’re like to be in golden-brown columnar clusters. As mentioned above, these are sometimes called “Sputnik aragonite.”

An aragonite crystal with magical and metaphysical properties.

As with any crystal, make sure your metaphysical or crystal shop is willing to stand behind their suppliers. Not all crystals are ethically harvested. Some are mined in environmentally-damaging ways, while others may rely on exploitative labor practices. Ensure that all of the stones you buy were obtained ethically.

Before you buy an aragonite, remember that this is a stone that you’ll be working with for awhile. It’s likely you’ll turn to it for help when you’re at your most stressed and vulnerable. That means that you want to make very sure that the crystal you choose resonates with your energy.

Pick up a specimen and hold it in your non-dominant hand. It should feel pleasant, possibly even subtly tingly or buzzy. If you suddenly feel anxious, sad, or angry, try again with another stone. People feel crystal energy in a variety of ways, but a good stone should always feel nice to hold.

Once you’ve chosen your crystal, take it home and cleanse it. All crystals have their own energies, but they can be sensitive to outside influences. Cleansing allows you to re-calibrate the stone to its natural energy level, so you can begin working with it.

Don’t worry about cleansing changing the pleasant energy you felt when choosing your stone — when performed properly, a good cleansing should never make a crystal feel worse.

After your aragonite is cleansed and ready, you can start working with it. Try placing it on your abdominal area, closing your eyes, and meditating. You can also place it in a soft pouch and keep it on you, for those occasions when you might need a little extra emotional stability and inner strength. If you practice magic, you can also place it on or near your altar to help you ground yourself after working.

Even when it doesn’t come from the ocean, aragonite often forms shapes reminiscent of surreal sea creatures. Its energy is ideally suited to anyone going through a period of major upheaval, or even just those who forget to ground their energy as often as they should. Choose your aragonite with intention and care for it well, and it will be with you for a lifetime.

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