Air Element Crystals & Stones

The element of Air is all things light and breezy. It’s intellect, communication, freedom, and innovation.

It might be counterintuitive to think of crystals as something that could be associated with something as ephemeral as a breeze, but there are some stones that can enhance or uncover these attributes in the user.

Like all stones, crystals are deeply associated with the element of Earth. Nonetheless, there are several that share very Airy characteristics.

Here are some of the best crystals and stones for connecting to and working with the element of air:

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a classic Air element crystal. It helps all things associated with the intuitive and psychic mind, including divination and prophetic dreams.

It’s a wonderful stone for connecting with higher intelligence, whether within the user’s own psyche or externally in the spirit world.

This crystal is associated with the crown chakra, Sahasrara, which governs the connection to spirit. Wear it as jewelry near the head area, carry it in a pocket or charm bag, meditate with it, or keep it near your bedside.

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2. Citrine

Citrine is a very versatile crystal. Categorized by some as a Fire crystal, others as Air, it shares a lot of attributes of both.

It’s said to be a useful crystal for clearing away energetic clutter — one of the reasons why some sources claim it never needs to be cleansed — and its bright yellow color also ties it to the Air element.

Wear it as jewelry, or carry a piece as a pocket stone. For best results, use citrine that hasn’t been heat-treated.

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3. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is said to be capable of channeling all of the elements. It’s also programmable, which means that the user can direct its energy toward whatever result they desire.

That aside, quartz’s energy is said to help clear both the intuitive and rational minds, facilitating everything from psychic abilities, to memory and organization.

Some quartz specimens, particularly Lemurian or record keeper quartz, are said to link the user to higher wisdom. For general use, wear quartz jewelry.

To connect with higher intelligence, meditate with the stone while touching the striations or triangular record keeper marks.

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4. Diamond

Diamonds are controversial. These well-known, expensive stones often enter the market unethically, so their use is fraught with moral and legal concerns. That aside, ethical diamonds are very helpful as Air element stones.

They’re said to remove energetic obstructions from the crown chakra, allowing the user to communicate with the divine intellect and their own higher wisdom.

Some crystal healers say that diamonds can be irritating to the energetic body, much like bright light is irritating to the eyes. Wear them sparingly.

5. Howlite

Howlite is a soothing stone that resembles white turquoise. It’s said to increase awareness, and draw off feelings like fear or anger.

This can help the user more effectively communicate their thoughts in stressful situations.

Wear it in jewelry, or carry a few tumbled pieces as pocket stones.

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6. Kyanite

Kyanite crystals, especially blue specimens, are wonderful stones for communication. They help calm the rational mind while enhancing its ability to function, and is said to improve memory.

As a blue stone, kyanite is associated with Visuddha, the throat chakra. This energy center is tied to communication, another very Airy attribute. Kyanite is somewhat easy to damage, so it’s best used as a pocket stone or focus for meditation.

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7. Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is sometimes called the stone of truth. It helps the user uncover hidden information — including that which lies inside of the self. It also helps the user receive divine guidance, often through clairaudience.

Like kyanite, it’s tied to the throat’s energy center. This makes it an excellent stone for assisting with communication. Wear it as jewelry, especially near the throat area, or carry it in a pocket.

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8. Mica

Mica is a soft, flaky, lightweight mineral with a metallic sheen. It’s often yellow or gold, and is said to help the user by stripping away layers of reality to help them get at the essential truth of a matter.

This stone also assists with letting go, focusing, and increasing self-awareness. It’s much too soft to wear in jewelry or carry as a pocket stone, so it’s best used as a focus for meditation. Mica can also often be found as a companion to stones like aventurine and tourmaline.

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9. Sapphire

Sapphire is one of the best crystals for the logical mind. It’s said to help organize scattered thoughts and improve memory, making it easier to connect dots and come up with new ideas.

As a bright blue stone, it, too, is tied to Visuddha. This makes it a very good choice for those who struggle a bit with disorganized thinking and communication.

Wear it in jewelry near the throat or head area, or carry rough stones in a pocket or pouch.

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10. Sodalite

Sodalite is an interesting stone. It’s most useful for balancing the intuitive and logical minds, allowing them to function as a whole.

This stone is also associated with Visuddha, which rules communication. That makes it an ideal Air element stone for both enhancing the intellect, and the users ability to communicate their ideas.

Wear it as jewelry near the throat area, or carry it discreetly as a pocket stone.

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11. Topaz

Topaz is a stone for successful ventures and individuality. It’s also said to enhance joy, optimism, and generosity.

Yellow topaz’s color ties it to the element of Air, and likewise to the solar plexus chakra — the chakra that governs the confidence to be your unique self.

It’s difficult to find topaz outside of jewelry. Wear it in brooches or long necklaces, to keep it near the solar plexus area.

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Despite their rocky origins, these crystals are excellent for connecting to the element of Air during meditation, ritual, or spellwork, or for just enhancing Airy qualities within ourselves.

Choose the stone that calls out to you, and work with it regularly. The more you do, the more of a connection you’ll cultivate.

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