Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings: Love, Reversed & More

The aces are the first of the suits in the Minor Arcana. Unlike the aces of playing card decks, they always have a value of one — they are the sign of new beginnings, opportunities, and enthusiasm. Their meanings differ depending on the suit and element that they represent.

About Ace of Pentacles

  • Keywords: Health, opportunities for growth, potential wealth
  • Keywords (Reversed): Corruption, scarcity, missed opportunities
  • Yes or No: Yes
  • Yes or No (Reversed): No
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The suit of Pentacles (or Coins) is associated with the element of Earth. As such, it’s also tied with fruitfulness, wealth, inheritance, and prosperity.

In most Rider-Waite-Smith inspired decks, its imagery has to do with smithcraft, farming, and other forms of labor that yield a tangible result.

The Ace of Pentacles is the first card in this suit. In the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, it is depicted as a glowing hand reaching from a gray cloud, holding a single large pentacle.

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card.

In the background, a gray, overcast sky rests above a lush garden — there are blooming lilies, green grass, and flowering vines forming an arch that frames distant mountains. A path winds through the archway, leading away from the mountains and into the garden.

Symbolically, mountains are generally taken to represent delays and difficulties. In this depiction, the path leads the querent away from these problems, and toward the shining opportunity represented by the hand.

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Ace of Pentacles Meaning (Upright)

All of the Aces stand for new beginnings. More specifically, the Ace of Pentacles relates to prosperity.

It points to a time of enthusiasm, fresh energy, security, comfort, and abundance in all its forms. You are being invited to move from the cold, bleak mountains, into the peace and luxury of the garden.

Expect new opportunities to arise soon, if they haven’t already. They are most likely to relate to the physical realm — a chance to get healthy, new job offers, or the ability to manifest a long-held desire.

If you have a project or opportunity in mind, then this card advises you to go for it. The timing and energy are right for you to succeed.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning (Reversed)

The path to the garden goes both ways. When the Ace of Pentacles appears reversed, it can signify that an opportunity isn’t what it seems.

Rather than leading into the garden, a place of prosperity and security, it can end up leading you into the mountains. You may be headed for a period of scarcity instead of abundance.

It can also represent deals or projects that fall through. In any case, the Ace of Pentacles reversed is a sign that you are likely to experience a loss of resources in your life in the near future.

This isn’t a good time to try to pursue new opportunities related to wealth, security, or setting yourself up for the future.

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Ace of Pentacles Meaning – Love & Relationships (Upright)

The Ace of Pentacles upright is a positive omen in love readings, signifying a promising new relationship or renewed interest in an existing one. Since it’s the suit of Pentacles, its meaning is colored by the idea of monetary stability.

For example, if you don’t have a partner at the moment, you’re likely to meet one at work. If you do, you are both about to enter into a period of financial comfort and security. Your love life will be abundant and thriving, just like the flowers in the garden.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – Love & Relationships (Reversed)

When reversed in a love reading, the Ace of Pentacles generally indicates a period of financial instability.

If it’s surrounded by other negative cards (especially those indicating a break up), then it can signify that you will experience some hardship as a result of splitting from your partner. If it isn’t, you and your partner may be about to experience some money problems.

Emotionally, greed and envy might be contributing to your relationship issues. They may also arise from one partner choosing to devote the lion’s share of their energy and attention to their job.

Avoid making any major moves at this time. The energy isn’t right for forming a stable, lasting bond.

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Ace of Pentacles Meaning – As Feelings (Upright)

The Ace of Pentacles upright is all about building sound, lasting foundations. This person feels good about you — so good, in fact, that they’re already thinking about the future.

They secure in their relationship with you right now, and willing to take it even further. This card also evokes the idea of sensual comfort, warmth, and fertility.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – As Feelings (Reversed)

Reversed, the Ace of Pentacles warns that a sense of anxiety is undermining the connection between you. This person doesn’t feel entirely secure and is hesitant to open up.

There’s likely to be some material security issues at play here, as well. It’s entirely possible that this person is concerned about how well you’d be able to take care of each other or worries about being taken advantage of.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – As Reconciliation (Upright)

Upright, the Ace of Pentacles is a very good card for those seeking to reconcile. It indicates loyalty and lasting love.

Unfortunately, it also indicates that things are probably going to progress very slowly.

While the emotions are there, the suit of Pentacles isn’t one to rush into things. There are a lot of practical matters that need to be taken care of first.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – As Reconciliation (Reversed)

When reversed, the Ace of Pentacles can indicate that your ex does want to reconcile with you, but you need to be careful.

The reversed orientation undermines this card’s sense of stability and long-term planning.

It’s possible that they only want to reconcile because they need a place to stay or help paying bills.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Upright)

In anything related to business, money, or careers, the upright Ace of Pentacles is one of the most positive, refreshingly uncomplicated omens you can receive.

The suit of Pentacles relates to business and money, so it points to new, fresh, very promising opportunities in these areas.

Consider your financial future like a garden. The projects, business relationships, and investments that you plant and nurture now will dictate what you harvest in the future.

The time is right to set yourself up for long-lasting abundance and prosperity. Make the most of it while it lasts, and it will continue to flourish for you.

Ace of Pentacles Meaning – Careers, Business & Money (Reversed)

When reversed, the Ace of Pentacles indicates missed opportunities. This is job offers that fall through, enthusiasm that fizzles out, promotions granted to someone else, and dishonest business practices. There will be a definite sense of delay or difficulty.

If the upright Ace of Pentacles is a good time to invest and cultivate your business, the reversed card is the opposite. It’s a sign that you likely haven’t been saving and investing as you should, and you may be feeling the pinch now.

It isn’t too late, however. Learn to live with this scarcity, and research what you need to do to create abundance for yourself in the future.

Ace of Pentacles: Yes or No?

The Ace of Pentacles upright is a strong card to get in a “Yes or No” reading. This card marks potential situations for growth and prosperity, so it signifies a positive response to your question. It’s a highly optimistic card, and you should be equally so.

If the Ace of Pentacles is reversed, it’s generally a “No.” It indicates that your query won’t have a positive outcome, likely because of poor planning or a lack of patience.

Aces are great cards in any reading. They are optimism, enthusiasm, and new adventures. For the Ace of Pentacles, these things relate to the realm of physical pleasure and comfort — things like health, money, and stability.

When upright, it’s a great time to pursue anything related to investment, security, or improving your material situation in life. Reversed, and it signifies delays, scarcity, and a loss of stability.

When this card appears in any kind of reading, it’s an excellent gauge of the energy of prosperity ebbing and flowing in your life.

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