Angel Number 1144: Spiritual Meaning, Love, Twin Flame & More

It’s almost lunch time, and you’ve got a lot on your mind. You glance up at the clock — it’s 11:44 AM. Thinking nothing of it, you go back to what you were doing. Later that day, you make an important phone call, to a number ending in 1144. Maybe you notice this odd coincidence, maybe you don’t. That evening, as you lie in bed unable to sleep, you roll over and look at the clock again. This time, it’s 11:44 PM.

Why is the number 1144 suddenly appearing to you? What does it mean?

When specific numbers show up in clusters like this, they are often messages from our spirit guides and guardian angels. When broken down, interpreted, and applied to our specific life situation, these numbers can give us guidance and support we may not even know we need.

Angel Number 1144 Meaning

Numerology holds that certain numbers have a special significance. For the most part, this is limited to single-digit numbers. There are a few double-digit numbers, called Master Numbers, that are also regarded as important. To get to the heart of 1144’s meaning, it’s important to break it down following the conventions of numerology.

First, let’s split it up. The number 1144 is made up of two single-digit numbers, 1 and 4. The number 1 represents new beginnings, action, enthusiasm, and independence. The number 4 is the number of stability, loyalty, and steadfastness.

It can also be reduced to a single number. In this case, 1+1+4+4=10, which further reduces to 1. There’s more of that action-oriented, optimistic energy!

Going back to the idea of double-digit Master Numbers, 1144 is special because it contains one of them. The number 11 is one of the few that doesn’t need to be reduced. In this case, 11 stands for success, intuition, and higher wisdom.

Master Numbers are essentially higher-vibration forms of their single-digit essences. In 11’s case, that is the number 2, since 1+1=2. On its own, the number 2 represents compassion, partnership, and cooperation. When you consider this alongside the presence of the number 1, 11 is a compassionate leader, an intuitive teacher, and a wise advisor.

So, with all of that in mind, what does 1144 mean? It’s a sign of an optimistic new beginning with a solid foundation, which will lead to the kind of success that allows one to help others. It’s said that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and that’s the kind of energy 1144 is pointing out.

No matter whether you’re at a high or low point in life right now, 1144 is here to say that the opportunity is here for you to become your best self. There’s a new beginning waiting for you to take the next step — don’t worry if it seems a little daunting, the foundation for success is there, and you are surrounded by more support than you realize.

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Spiritual Meaning of 1144

The number 1144 is full of complex, contradictory messages. When it appears in relation to your spiritual path, it can be confusing. The number 1 represents new beginnings, but 4 is stability. The base number is 1.

Put together, 1144 can be a sign that things are going to get shaken up. You’re reaching the beginning of a new cycle, and your feelings of comfort and stability may be disrupted. The presence of the number 4 also signifies hard work.

If it appears during a time when you’re experiencing a lot of positive synchronicities, then this number is another good sign. Your guardian angels and spirit guides want you to know that you’re on a path that can potentially lead you to great comfort and stability — just know that it won’t be handed to you. You need to put in the work this cycle in order to reap that harvest.

Should it appear during a time when you’re receiving negative omens, then 1144 is both an encouragement and a warning. This difficult time will end, and a new cycle will soon begin.

That doesn’t mean that things are going to be easy from here on out, however — this phase is going to require work. You need to shed your old skin, and shake off many of the things that you are comfortable with, in order to truly grow into yourself.

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Angel Number 1144 Meaning – Love & Relationships

Numbers can take on a slightly different meaning in the context of love. It’s easy to interpret them within the context of your life or soul’s purpose, but what does it mean when they show up in a relationship context?

If you’re in a good relationship, 1144 is here to tell you that you and your partner are about to embark on something good. This might be a marriage, growing your family, or buying a new house, but is more likely to be a spiritual endeavor that helps you grow together and help your community.

Two swans creating a love heart in a lake.

If you’re not in a good relationship, 1144 comes to let you know that it’s okay to leave. You don’t need to view breaking up as an ending — in reality, it’s a new beginning for you.

You might feel like it rocks you to your foundation, but you have more strength and stability than you realize right now. The sooner you recognize your own independence and strength, the sooner you can start on a path that will lead you to success and happiness. Trust your intuition.

If you aren’t in a relationship and wish to be, this number is telling you that you may enter a significant one very soon, but you’ll have to initiate things. If you come from a place of stability, loyalty, optimism, compassion, and independence — no “nice guy or girl” games here, please — you may just end up meeting your soul mate.

Angel Number 1144 Twin Flame Meaning

Your twin flame is your soul’s mirror image. When two get together, whether it’s as friends, lovers, or in any other capacity, it’s an important contribution to the ascension of humankind. Needless to say, something this spiritually significant doesn’t come easily.

Finding your twin flame is a difficult undertaking. Figuring out where to begin is tough enough, but where do you go from there?

Twin flames typically connect on the spiritual plane long before meeting on the physical one, so a lot of people focus entirely on the inner healing, shadow work, and more intuitive aspects.

The number 1144 appears as a reminder that, while these things are important, you can’t neglect the practical, physical aspects of your existence either. You need to balance the intuitive, spiritual energy of 11 with the stable, rational power of 4. This well-rounded, balanced approach will get you farther than any purely spiritual or rational one will.

If you’re separated from your twin flame, then 1144 may be here to remind you that this is an often inevitable stage of the twin flame relationship. Don’t neglect your physical needs when seeking a reunion with your twin flame. If you’re going to have a productive friendship or relationship with them, you still need to eat and pay your bills.

Working with Angel Number 1144

The number 1144 isn’t just guidance, it’s a warning. If you’re comfortable in life right now, you may not want to jump into a new beginning of any kind just yet. That’s okay! We don’t always get the choice to turn down fate when it comes knocking, so 1144 is here to let you know what’s happening and remind you that you have stability on your side.

Naturally, it might help to know where all of this energy is coming from. The numerological meanings of a number can only go so far. That’s why it’s very important that you take the necessary steps to figure out why you’re seeing this number.

Your guardian angels and spirit guides know you well, and they want more for you than you can possibly get just from reading a numerology guide. You need to meet them halfway here, and do the work of putting their messages in their proper context.

Let’s look at an example. Paul sees the number 1144 on the clock at work. When he’s at home, worrying about his workload the next day, he sees the number again on television. When he wakes up the next day, right before work, he spots it again.

Paul is single, so he decides that this number probably relates to his love life, then is surprised when he doesn’t find a new partner. In this case, Paul missed what his guides were trying to say. They consistently sent the number 1144 in the context of Paul’s job, but he misinterpreted their intention and got the wrong message.

There are several questions that will help you properly decipher what your angels and guides need you to know. The first is, “How often has this number appeared to me?” If you’ve only seen 1144 once, it may be a coincidence. True angel numbers show up several times, close together.

The next is, “How did this number appear?” Where were you? When was it? Did the number show up on a clock, on television, or somewhere else? What was going on around you when you saw it? These can all provide important clues.

The last is, “What was I thinking about when it showed up?” Whatever was on your mind can affect the context and meaning of an angel number. If you were ruminating about your relationship, it’s likely love-related. If you were thinking about your job, it’s probably employment-related. If you were considering your spiritual development, it probably has to do with matters of the heart and soul.

Angel numbers are a discreet way for the benevolent spirits around you to sneak you messages. They can warn you about major life shifts, and give you advice and moral support for getting through them.

If you can properly decode these messages and apply them to your life, you can use your angels’ and guides’ help to weather whatever life throws at you.

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